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Earlier, while waxing rhapsodic about Brit’s fantastic Flame War Article, Spacemanspiff and I had a brief exchange about what some of us kooky bloggers might look like in a graphic novel or comic book.  The idea took hold, and I used my Google-Fu to track down this Hero Generator.  What would some of the Moose Heroes look like?  What about some of our Arch-rivals?

Jeebus, did I have some fun!  Here’s my vision of a few of the brave souls who fight the good fight by way of Motley Moose:


If you’re in need of an alter-ego, Calvin and Hobbes is a fine place to look.


Hell hath no fury like a reformed Republican!


If only more Yanks were like him, eh?


The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Chaos.


You’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore.  Blasky!


She’s got a heart of gold.


We don’t know how he keeps up with work AND all his covert activities.  It’s probably better that we don’t.



Guess who Gang? :o)


A bigot?  A Marmot?


They don’t come much more slimy.


Wanna be a hero (or villain) in the blogosphere?  Make one here


  1. where none had dared venture for a hundred years. The motley strays that normally yapped at any stranger slunk away with their tails tucked between their legs at the sight of the beast at his side.

    He had an air about him, this stranger, one that kept idle curiosity seekers at bay. No one approached him as he strode towards the one drinking establishment in town.

    Inside the saloon it was dark and stale, filled with the stink of unwashed bodies and spilled drinks. The stranger stepped to the bar and raised one finger. The bartender took one look at him and quickly turned away to fill a tankard with the local brew.

    While he waited for his drink, the stranger turned to survey the room. His indifferent glance passed over each of the inhabitants of the room without stopping, then he turned to take his drink from the bartender.

    Bartenders are generally a garrulous breed. Brit, the bartender at this establishment, was no different. However, this was one of the few times he felt it wise to hold his tongue.

    Several of the patrons seemed to sigh with relief when the stranger placed his empty flagon on the bar and turned towards the door. Unfortunately, their relief was premature.

    “Leaving so soon, old man? What’s the matter, can’t handle your booze?”

    The mocking words had come from a bulky figure sitting alone in a corner. The stranger’s cool, indifferent stare turned to ice as it settled on the man who had broken the silence.

    Every town has a bully. This town was no exception. The other men in the bar knew Jerrod to be a vicious, spiteful man who never passed up a chance to bully someone he thought was weaker than himself or to ingratiate himself with anyone he thought was stronger or more powerful.

    This time he had made a mistake. One that would haunt him for the rest of his life…  

  2. sanguine giant

    and no you don’t want to know how I keep up with everything, I am also obtaining postage paid envelopes from the RNC victory committee, I figure with all of the ones I am getting I will give them around $15 in pennies through the mail, (about 30 per envelope, spare project as I twaddle through an automated affinity column (covering for a friend).

  3. spacemanspiff

    My name is spacemanspiffonymous, husband to a hijacked thread, father to a trolled website, and I will have my revenge in this diary, or the next.

    (big ups to Brit!)

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