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Wonderful Battleground Numbers Out

Halperin has new numbers from a number of battleground states.  You will note one consistent feature among all of these Marist polls: Barack Obama is ahead.

Among likely voters:


Obama 51

McCain 41

Sept. 18-21; Error margin 4.5 points

New Hampshire

Obama 51

McCain 45

Sept 17-21; error margin 4 points


Obama 52

McCain 43

Sept. 16-17; error margin 4 points


Obama 47

McCain 45

Sept. 11-15; error margin 4.5 points


Obama 49

McCain 44

Sept. 11-15; error margin 4.5 points


  1. semiquaver

    despite the shitty economy, at least we wake up to good news on this front every day.  

    I can’t wait for friday.

  2. To most of this damned state, “change” is anathema.  I don’t want this to be a squeaker.  5% is still too close for comfort, but better than the Rasmussen a few days ago.

  3. the margin of error is quite large in each of these polls. At least, the lead is outside the MOE in all but the Michigan poll. I’m a little worried about Michigan. I guess I need to work harder.

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