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Advice We Can Believe In

Yesterday, I criticized “advice” from a Huffington Post blogger on how to bring Clintonistas onto the Hopemobile.  Today, I offer my suggestions for reaching out to Clintonistas.

First, put your money where your mouth is.  Make a small donation to Hillary’s debt relief.  It doesn’t have to be a large amount.  A symbolic donation of $10 would be enough to start a conversation with a friend.  “Hey, I am so appreciative of Hillary’s efforts on Barack’s behalf–just this week, I read that she has raised more than $5 million for him–that I have decided to show my appreciation.  I donated $10 to her campaign today.”

You’ve just accomplished two things.  First, as an Obama supporters, you’ve shown genuine respect and appreciation for Hillary by making a small donation to her campaign.  Remeber that actions speak louder than words.  Second, you remind the Clintonista that you are trying to persuade that Hillary is working hard for Senator Obama.

Second, start the conversation with something in the news about Hillary.  Don’t talk about sexism in the media.  If you weren’t talking about sexism in the media back in March, don’t talk about it now.  It will come accross as what it is.  Pandering.  Google “Hillary Clinton” and see what comes up.  She has been campaigning for Obama a great deal.  Mentioning some coverage of one of her recent campaign stops would be a good opener.  You might want to talk about Hillary’s new initiative to help Obama and other Democrats on the November ballot:  Hillary Sent Me.

Third, ask for their votes.  Don’t say, “Obama is your only choice.”  Ask.  Explain why he is deserves the Clintonista’s support.  Make your pitch an affirmative appeal for Obama rather than an attack on McCain.  Many Clintonistas, myself included, respect Senator McCain and aren’t necessarily buying the “Four More Years” line.

Some things to stay away from:

First, don’t talk about abortion and the Supreme Court.

Second, don’t trash Sarah Palin.

Third, don’t contradict yourself.  If during the primaries, you told your friend that you hated Hillary Clinton, don’t pretend to love her now.

Fourth, don’t talk about hope and change.  When discussing Obama’s plans, be substantive.  And don’t mention health care.

And if none of these ideas works, you have a trump card.  A few months back, I was ultimately persuaded to vote for Obama when my good friend Kysen offered to send me a picture of himself shirtless.  As soon as I received the picture, I just knew I had to vote for Obama.  So pass this picture along. 


Maybe it will help sway more Clintonistas to Obama’s camp.