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Obama Draws Even with McCain in North Carolina

Public Policy Polling has released a new poll of the opinions of North Carolinians about the presidential race.  It’s good news for the good guys:

Obama 46

McCain 46

Barr 5

The poll had a large sample of 1,060 likely voters.  It was conducted September 17 to September 19 and had a standard error of +/-3%.

On September 9, PPP had the race at McCain 48, Obama 44, and Barr 4.  PPP notes:

There isn’t much doubt what’s driving this increased level of competitiveness. The numbers of voters in the state listing the economy as their biggest issue has hovered around 50% for most of the year but with the increased turmoil in the last week that number has now jumped to 58%. Barack Obama has a 24 point lead with those voters.

CNN/Time, with a sample of 910 registered voters, saw something similar when they observed the race was McCain 48 and Obama 47, though Elon University, with a much smaller sample of 411 adults (that is, neither necessarily registered or likely voters) saw a much greater divide during the same polling period: McCain 41, Obama 35.


  1. a dozen people, and the majority were either enthusiastic or moderate Obama supporters.  The consensus across the board was that things have to change, and that he is the best chance of that.  Only one person was “as Red as the day is long!”, but he didn’t even try to defend the current administration or McCain.  These are all business contacts so I didn’t push any agenda and emphasized my own centrist views.

  2. Reaper0bot0

    As a recovering South Carolinian, I’m not gobsmacked by this, but I am surprised.

    Raleigh’s a great town.  I spent a wonderful week there, and I hope to return at some point.

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