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Every blog needs a pet Troll.

I am here to volunteer.

I am hoping that teh engels has not yet hit the scene and nabbed the position.

List of accomplishments:

Banned from:



Disney World

United Nations


TU status at:


MYDD (no matter how hard I try they won’t ban me)

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Sample Comment:

You Bots just don’t get it. Obambi is going to loose because he is a scary muslim and hates whitey (his evil wife does, too, there is video PROOF). You all drank the Kool-Aid and now worship the Dim Messiah. McCain is a true Maverick! He was a POW!! Palin is the bestest unorthodox feminist EVAH. You are so going to loose.


  1. You’ve got all the talking points. You sound stupid and slippery at the same time – no mean feat. I think you’re in with a good chance.

    All I need now to complete your application is some spurious and offensive comment. Then I can watch you consume a donut.  

  2. sanguine giant

    Have a burger full of fail because that’s what you are troll:

    Because your car’s security system is shown here:

    Your second car (hauling your first car for some reason:

    You holding what you think is butter:

    You asking about geography:

    Where you shop:

    Your ability to follow directions:

    Your motto (which you conveniently tattooed on your face):

    And finally how you cook your food every day:

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