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What the map really means (free advice that won’t be needed here)

SO over on the my old internet home a certain admin is doomsaying yet again.  He is like a broken record but instead look at the map not from the convention wisdom view but instead the on the ground view

(h/t to Al at the Field for the map)

so what does this mean?

At McCain’s peak he hasn’t encroached on blue territory.  Obama at his nadir is holding all previously blue territory (he can’t ignore this and must pay some attention to states like NJ, NH, ME-02, WA, OR, and PA), but McCain can’t make the fight on Obama’s turf.

No result from a blue state shows McCain in the lead.

Obama continues to encroach on Red territory in CO and IA.  This means that McCain has to run the table on states like VA, NM, NV, OH, FL, MT, ND, SD, IN (McCain continues to be extremely weak in IN showing only a 2% lead at the height of the RNC).

Yet want to be big shots say that Obama is doomed forever due to that map.  I am more of the mind of Al G.  I don’t think it is a lovely map, but it is a map that will lead to victory if we choose to keep our heads level and stay on our game, this means working to register voters, talking to your friends and neighbors about the differences in policies between McCain and Obama, and knowing Obama can overcome the convention wisdom as seen from the change between a year ago and today (one year ago he was counted out by the same people who say he is a loser now).

When I went back to sleep this morning I saw 4 Obama organizers registering people to vote raising funds for canvassers.  People are in charge of the election and we have a chance to grasp victory, lets take it.

Oh and to those who are freaking out.  Look at history the bump from the later convention lasts around 2-3 weeks before things go back to where they were pre-convention.

I am off to read some boring engineering texts, but later today I am off to register some voters, who else is down for joining me in spirit, getting out and making a difference.


  1. dtox

    I’m surprised you’ve lasted there till now in your current incarnation. 🙂

    I’m with you in spirit. I’m afraid I can’t join you otherwise – a few thousand miles and all.

    What sort of engineering do you do?

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