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Hurricane Palin and The Real McCain

I really do not like Sarah Palin. That being said, this really is not a diary about Governor Palin. It is about my much greater dislike for bush and Cheny, and even Reagan for that matter. In 1990’s I used to think that John McCain was one of the few decent republican. Chuck Hagel is another. While I absolutely believe that Al Gore actually won the election in 2000, I thought McCain would have been the better choice over bush. I also thought that McCain got a very raw deal during the 2000 primary from bush’s minions.

Any previous respect I had for John McCain has evaporated over the past eight years, as he has moved closer and closer to an administration that has (almost?) ruined our country. My dislike, intense distaste, and disgust for him has increased phenomenally over the past few months. As of late, I have wondered if we are just seeing the real McCain, after all these years. The most credit I can give McCain, is that he made a decision to sell out to the bush league in 2000.