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John McCain – biggest flip-flopper ever?

Back in 2000, I actually thought John McCain might make a good president, not that I would have voted for him. However, I did think he would surely be better than George W. Bush.

When the Rove attack machine turned on McCain in South Carolina, I was outraged and expected McCain to turn against Bush even more. It wasn’t long before I discovered just how wrong I was about McCain. He not only forgave Bush for the smears about his adopted daughter, he actually embraced Bush. If it had been me, I would have punched him.

Over the last eight years, McCain has shown that he will do and say anything to have the title of President of the United States of America. He has flip-flopped on nearly every important issue. He has embraced people he would have once shunned and reached out for support from people he has condemned. Does this man have any principles left?

He said the war would be quick and easy and then flipped and said that he had always claimed it would be a long hard war.

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In actual practice, John McCain is a warmonger. Even Pat Buchanan believes this to be true.

McCain was against immediate repeal of Roe v. Wade and then switched his position in order to attract portions of the base of the G.O.P.

McCain condemned Jerry Falwell and his ilk as agents of intolerance and then reached out to John Hagee and other hard-right preachers.

McCain opposed the Bush tax-cuts, calling them disproportionate to the wealthy. Now he wants to keep them.

McCain was anti-ethanol and then pro-ethanol and then anti-ethanol and now pro-ethanol. I’m not sure if he’s stopped flip-flopping on this one yet.

(This is a different video than the one above, even though it has the same opening frame)

There are many, many other examples of McCain’s flip-flops as he struggles to find a base of support. However, the worst one in my mind is his stance on torture. If anyone in this country should be against torture, it is John McCain. Yet, when he had a chance to stand up against G. W. Bush on the issue of torture, McCain folded.

This man deserves to become an object of ridicule. Spread the word.