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Mormons Dismissed by McCain and the GOP

“The McCain camp has again chosen to ignore the needs of the Mormon community by failing to reach out to the supporters of Mitt Romney.  Mormons throughout American history have been persecuted by the established powers of the government.  The Governor of Missouri issued the infamous “Extermination Order” in the 1800s in which he declared: “the Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State”, resulting in the slaughter by US soldiers of Mormon men and young boys.  Even in withdrawing to Utah under the leadership of Bigham Young to seek refuge from the murder and persecution they suffered, the Mormons were hunted by the established powers in Washington.  Despite this relentless persecution, the generosity of the Mormon people continued to be demonstrated again and again, including the selfless action of bringing food to the very soldiers who were sent to kill them as they lay trapped and freezing at Guardsmen’s Pass.

“Washington is again duping the gentle Mormon people of this country, assuming they will meekly follow John McCain and cast their votes for him despite the vile lies used against him during the Republican primaries.  Has John McCain and the Republican party even acknowledged the concerns of the Mormon population?  Has he done anything to earn the votes of the patriotic Americans, or does he like all past Republican politicians assume they will blindly continue to give him their votes?

“Mitt Romney is a dedicated father, a loyal American and a faithful representative of the Mormon people and their way of life.  His treatment at the hands of the party that so blithely takes the support of these hardworking people should not be forgotten come November.”

This narrative is not being pushed in the media, but if it was I would expect to be able to find plenty of conversations among my Mormon friends.  It taps an underlying discontent, and any efforts by McCain to reach out to the Mormon population would be less effective and easily questioned as being cynical, opportunistic and lacking.

Sound familiar?


  1. psychodrew

    There is no way I’m voting for John McCain after they way he treated the Mormons.  Forget it!  Party Unity My Ass!

  2. ragekage

    Sucks, the only way the Republicans can win is to take advantage of PsyOps stuff like this and use it against us, since in a straight-up policy match, we’d kick ’em up one side and down the other.

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