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Hey, Let’s Channel Some of That Energy…

Over the last two days, I’ve noticed that MyDD has been full of a very vigorous debate over the VP selection.

While it is apparent that this discussion has much pent up energy behind it…I’d like to make a proposal:

Let’s channel that energy, right here, on motley moose.

This is not meant as a guilt trip at all.  It’s just a proposal, as an exercise.

All of us are used to posting at MyDD, so it’s obvious that we’d go there for this discussion.  We’re not in the habit of doing that here, yet.

Let’s start trying to make that a habit.  We need to exercise the system, so that we can find the bugs and flaws.  This is critical, if we plan to present the best possible face in the roll out of this site to the general audience.

I’m focusing my energy here now, and will be slowly weening myself from MyDD over the next week.  The approach to this site is a personal choice for every one of the Charter Members, but I’m making this my principal home.

“Can We Build It?  Yes We Can!”  – Bob The Builder


  1. jonra

    I still drop into MYDD for a look now and then, but I gave up posting and rating there when we started this project.

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