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The College Diet- Tips for Eating Healthy on a College Budget

College diet:

A diet that consists in approximately one meal a day. This meal is often of little or no nutritional value, and may be fast food or even a bag of chips from a vending machine, eaten while sitting in class waiting for the prof to arrive.

The college diet can be employed for a number of reasons, chief among these are a lack of funds with which to purchase food, or a lack of time in which to prepare and eat a balanced meal.

The Urban Dictionary

You wake up to the sound of the alarm going off and your neighbor banging on the wall, and notice you’re late for class. You dress without thinking about what you’re doing, and hoof it across campus wearing mismatched socks, shouldering a backpack containing fifty pounds of books, to take a chemistry test you didn’t study enough for. You look in your wallet and wonder if the local hospital needs any test subjects. You try valiantly to stay awake all day, finally limping back home (after a detour to try and work up the courage to talk to that cute girl in English class) and collapsing into bed- only to realize you’ve got another test to study for, and three papers to write.

Is it a wonder that being a college student and eating well are often seen as two mutually exclusive goals?

“I’ll worry about it when I’m older. They make drugs like Lipitor, which are supposed to clean your cholesterol if you eat too much instant food.”

Heck, a Starbucks Frappacino (13.7 ounces) has 290 calories, almost five grams of fat (half saturated), and 46 grams of sugar. That’s the nutritional equivalent of almost four scoops of chocolate ice cream!

I know it’s hard to eat healthy food, stay on a budget, and enjoy college life- so here’s a few tips for those of you on a budget and looking to eat well!