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Conversations With The Country

I attended a meeting today between the US Maritime Tri-Services (Marines, Navy and Coast Guard) and members of the public in Raleigh, North Carolina.   Conversations with the Country is an ongoing conversation between the Tri-Services and the public, and the experience proved to me again that our forces deserve our support – and an administration that serves them better.


As is often the case when talking to Marines it left me feeling like joining up (I have a nagging feeling I may have volunteered for the Corps during General Conway’s session, won’t know until I get my induction papers…).

Lounge – Navy Insults (and other bits of Humor)


As promised, here are a few of the better insults that I remember from the Navy:

“I’d say that you were dumber than a bag of hammers, but that would be an insult to a useful tool.”

“You’re holdin’ up the whole Navy, Midshipman David!”  (That one is burned into my memory).

“You’re the kind of person that would go looking for the batteries for the “sound-powered” phones, aren’t ya’?” (Can be alternated with a variation: “You’re the kind of person that would go looking for relative bearing grease, aren’t ya’?”)

One of the harshest that I remember is one that I picked up in 1985: