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Keepin’ it real at RedState on the Debate

I wondered how the right-wing bloggers were taking the debate aftermath tonight, so I wandered over to RedState to see Erick Erickson demonstrate rather succinctly what a tool he is. For instance, he noted this without any irony:

Second, John McCain gave the most substantive answers to the questions. Obama patently refused to answer some of the questions, including the last question. He couldn’t bring himself to admit there are things he does not know.

Funny. He doesn’t seem to mind when Sarah Palin does it. I guess that’s because she’s mavericky- what d’you think, guys?

I always wonder how this sort of intellectual dishonesty affects people- how they can’t figure it out. I mean, Good God, admitting fault or that you’re wrong once and awhile isn’t the end all and be all, folks! It’s the sign of a strong character! Too bad Erick hasn’t taken a look at the snap-polls that are starting to come out- CNN’s had Obama trouncing McCain.

We’ll post the other ones as we get ’em.