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Indian boarding schools

Native schools and stolen generations: U.S. and Canada

 photo CarlisleIndianIndustrialSchool_zpsf3823e74.jpg

Pupils at Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Pennsylvania (c. 1900)

The plight of Native American and First Nations children in the United States and Canada as stolen generations cannot simply be brushed off as “ancient” history.

Many readers here are aware of the history of Native American boarding schools, like Carlisle, depicted above, and the Canadian Indian residential school system, thanks to the ongoing efforts of editors and writers for Native American Netroots, founded by navajo, both on their site and here at Daily Kos. They have also provided critical coverage of the current South Dakota kidnapping of Indian children-placing them white foster care, in pieces written by Meteor Blades, and Aji.

Unfortunately, too many of our fellow citizens remain in complete ignorance.