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Can You Safely Contact Your Senator?

This came up in a local column today.  

Capitol police call citizen

Elise Lazar, who lives in Salt Lake County, called Sen. Orrin Hatch’s Salt Lake City office March 25 to inquire if the senator would be in town over spring break and if he scheduled any town hall meetings.

The receptionist asked why she would want to know that. Lazar said she had concerns on certain issues that she would like to discuss with him and she had friends who might want to attend the meeting as well.

Ms. Lazar was contacted by Capitol Police.  

But the next day Lazar received a call on her cell phone from the Capitol Hill Police in Washington, D.C., telling her they had received a complaint about her from Hatch’s office and that they felt she might be a suspicious person.

My new representative is Chris Stewart, who seems to the right of Glenn Beck.  How do I make my voice heard?