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St Patricks Day

My Irish Themed Art

I do all my art on the computer now due to arthritis in my hands. My main programs are DAZ 4.5 for figures, Bryce 7.1 for putting it all together, Photoshop for small touchups, and Turbosquid for a lot of my 3D models. I have always liked doing themed pictures and as it got more and more difficult to try and come up with gifts for a Mom who had everything she needed I started doing Irish pictures for her. Every year I’d do a special St. Patrick’s Day themed picture. After we lost Mom our Hospital Chaplain asked me to do a tribute picture for Mom. She was so proud of her Irish heritage that the picture was set in Ireland. Here are some of the pictures I have done and some thoughts on them.

Irish Sayings

(In case you need some Irish sayings for tomorrow.)

The Irish have always had the reputation for having the gift of gab. Irish come from a storytelling heritage. They love to talk, tell tall tales, sing, laugh at themselves and others, and just sit and talk for a while. I gave my Dad a bookmark that read: Irish diplomacy. The ability to tell a man to go to hell and make him look forward to it. Here then are some Irish saying both humorous and serious.

Irish Food with Recipes

(In case you are wondering what to serve for dinner tomorrow.)

When you think of Irish food the first thing that comes to mind is potatoes. Certainly the history of Ireland has one of its most tragic times during the Great Famine of 1845 to 1850 that saw the death of millions and millions more emigrating many to the United States. Irelands history is one of extreme poverty while landlords became rich and ate well.

Traditional Irish cooking is of the meat and potatoes variety. Cattle, sheep and pigs were all used for meat. Fishing provides a good portion of the Irish diet. Grains were mainly grown for cash crops. Green vegetables like cabbage and kale are frequently part of the Irish diet. While many continue to think of Irish cooking as bland there are now chefs that are showing a new side of Irish cooking to the world.

Irish stew is traditionally little more then mutton or lamb, potatoes, carrots and water. Potatoes are often paired with cabbage, kale or green onions. There are many recipes that use Guinness. Irish like to fry their meats and sausages and go for a hearty breakfast.

I am having family over for dinner tonight to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some of recipes that go well with an Irish dinner.