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OMG almost march

The Daily F Bomb, Thursday 2/28/13

Good morning, bombshells!  I hear silks is highly drugged on really good stuff, but is not yet ready for calls or visitors, being a wee bit out of sorts, but is otherwise doing well. In a few weeks time he should be tap dancing again.


We’ve all probably said at one time or another, “If I had a [insert monetary amount here] for every time [insert person or group here] said/did [insert word or action here]. If you actually could receive a dollar for every time [name of person or group] said [word/phrase], how would you choose to fill in those blanks? If commercial space travel was available, would you be up for it? What Star Trek invention (think holodeck, transporter, replicator, phaser, tricorder) do you wish was real and available now? What is your favorite fabric to wear? To sleep on? To sit on? Long hair or short hair (humans, that is)?

The Twitter Emitter

Twitter went on a regret binge last night.