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Boehner's pickled liver

The Daily F Bomb, Wednesday 2/13/13

Happy hump day, Herd! That was some SOTU last night, eh? I wish I had my old dual attention span back. I kept missing what the Prez was saying because I was watching Boehner twitching for a drink and grinding his teeth.

I was also afraid they’d break in any minute with Dorner news. Dorner has made me think of a question. Among many.

Have you ever been picked on by police? How good a consumer are you? Do you like or hate shopping? When you watch TV, can you say afterwards what that commercial you just saw was for? (I used to work at a research place and was amazed at how commercial messages just don’t stick with me.) Are you more of a word person or a number person? How do/did you handle telemarketers? Do you prefer things planned in advance or spontaneous?

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