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Week two of Weekly Ruminations is here!  I hope everyone had a good week and has lots of good stuff to report (I would also like to hear the bad stuff too).

This week was a smooth one in our house.  The showings continue and we had our first (really bad) offer so we sent them packing.  My only problem this week concerns my growing daughter.  And it isn’t her that has the problem it is me.  She has reached the age (5) and intellectual level where I am having trouble figuring out how much to tell her about stuff.  My default reaction is to just lay it all out – don’t pull punches and give her the facts when she asks questions.  When her grandmother (my husbands mom) passed away just after Thanksgiving, I did not mince words when discussing death with her.  She went to an open casket wake.  On the way home I asked her if she had any questions.  She just asked “What was that for?”.