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Economic Assumptions

I’m really curious to see what happens with today’s new plan to fix the banks. Among people to whom I listen about the economy, opinions are sharply divided; here’s a strong argument in favor from Brad DeLong and a strong argument against from Paul Krugman. I don’t know enough to have a defensible opinion, although my instincts are with Krugman and against the banksters, so I don’t have much confidence in today’s plan.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Obviously for the sake of alleviating economic suffering I hope it works out, but I also think this is an intellectually critical moment, much like the Iraq war debate.

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Education Reform

Cross-posted to Mike’s Blog!

Here’s a blog post I wrote recently about education policy. I don’t have a lot of experience writing about policy, so I’d really appreciate comments and criticisms so I can get better at this stuff. Since I wrote the post, President Obama gave a big speech on education policy. There’s been a lot written about that speech and its implications, but this post is more of an introduction to the entire education policy debate.

Comments on Google and Privacy

I wrote this post on my own blog as a follow-up to a previous post about Facebook, Internet advertising, and privacy. I think there’s definitely a political side to these concerns, though, so I wanted to share it with the political blogs too. Your feedback is very welcome!

It’s also my first post here. Hi everyone! Anyway, here goes:

I have a lot of personal affection for Google. They’re a pretty cool company, they have a nice Northern California vibe, they do a lot of good, I like the April Fool’s jokes, I think they’d be a fun place to work, and just yesterday I noticed myself gushing about how awesome is Google Calculator (answer: very awesome). But, as I mentioned in my Facebook post from a few weeks ago, I also have significant reservations about Google that I would like to put in writing. So, please follow me below the fold for more!