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Things Just Got Interesting for VA-2nd District

VA-2nd District Representative Scott Rigell (R) now has a solid Democratic contender for the 2014 election.

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Suzanne Patrick has announced her candidacy for the House of Representatives.

VA-2nd District includes the City of Virginia Beach, Accomack and Northampton Counties, and swaths of both Hampton and Norfolk. The area encompasses several military bases and there is A LOT of military (both active and retired) who have made this their home…so her record of service is a definite asset in the district.

Scott Rigell first won his seat in 2010…and then won re-election in a close race in 2012. Prior to serving as our Representative (/sigh) he ran 3 large local car dealerships (yup, a used car salesman…fitting, no?). I, for one, would LOVE to see him gone.

Patrick’s campaign touts her as a ‘centrist Democrat’. I know that chaffs some…but, this is Virginia, we are still in the process of evolving from a Red State to a Blue State. Believe me, any sort of Democrat is better than what we have in Rigell.

Some of you may recall the scandal of 2nd District’s past Representative, Ed Shrock. We then were anchored with the odious Thelma Drake. Democrat Nye (2008-2010) was a pleasant, but, too brief, reprieve from the Republican’s hold on this seat. A closeted anti-gay hypocritical liar, a Bush toadie, and a used car salesman. Oy vey. So, yes, I’m thrilled to see a viable Democratic candidate throw HER hat in ring.

“As a fourth-generation military officer, I’ve dedicated my entire career to service – under Democrats and Republicans alike – and I am determined to restore the bipartisan problem solving that prevailed during the Reagan Administration when I first started my Navy career as a civilian.  Congressman Rigell’s voting record and his partisanship, especially on the sequester, has made life tougher for the military, families and seniors. It’s time to put aside the partisan bickering, focus on prioritizing our spending, and start fixing problems for our middle class families,”  Patrick said. (local news)

I look forward to hearing more from her.

I look forward to helping her remove Rigell from office.

If we can defeat both Cuccinelli AND Rigell in 2014 I will be beyond thrilled.

I am actually feeling good about our odds.

It’s never too early to start GOTV efforts….

Come on Virginia…lets continue our ‘Evolution’ from Red to Blue!


  1. princesspat

    From the far away view of the PNW is is puzzling to understand how the intelligent voters in VA can support the current crop of elected R’s. I hope she wins the seat.  

  2. There has been a lot of work done recruiting good candidates on the Democratic side. People who were worried about the Republican teaparty steamroller are realizing that the teaparty is making a lot of these congressmen vulnerable because they are really out of touch with independents.

    We need 17 seats to restart our progressive agenda. I hope this is one of them.

  3. Diana in NoVa

    Here in the 86th district of Virginia (parts of Fairfax and Loudoun counties) we are working to elect Democrat Jennifer Boysko.  We need more women in the legislature–progressive women.

    As for the likelihood of the Kook, the “jail women who have miscarriages and don’t report ’em” Obenshain, and the plain crazy Jackson being voted into office, just wait until after Labor Day, when people start paying attention. The Kook already trails Terry by 6 points. The gap will widen when Virginia women realize that the Kook wants to take away their right not only to abortion, but also to contraception–y’know, that thing that prevents the need for abortion.

    So come on, Suzanne and Jennifer! We want to see you in the state house!

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