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Pootie Update – Lab Results

Spoke to the vet this morning, this is what we know:

Fudge’s thyroid levels were normal, and there’s no anemia.  However, the kidney enzymes were high – 56 for the B1 enzyme and 5.1 for the T-something (didn’t quite catch the name) enzyme.  Also, there was bacteria in the urine sample so it looks like she has a urinary tract infection.  They’re going to do a culture & sensitivity analysis on the urine sample they took; results from that should come back in  2-3 days.  

She is happily eating the wet food, although she ignored the dry food again last night; drinking appears to be normal, at least what I’ve been able to observe.

Treatment for now is:

1. Start Fudge on an antibiotic for the UTI; dosage/specific drug to potentially be modified by the results of the culture analysis.

2. Start the Lysine tonight mixed in with the wet food.  

3. Keep an eye on her weight (I’m thinking I’ll weigh her each night when I get home to be consistent).

4. If her weight doesn’t start to increase or continues to decrease, follow up with an ultrasound & x-rays.

So that’s where we’re at; I’ll be picking up the antibiotic on my way home tonight, as well as more wet food. Once her nose has cleared up, if she’s still not going for the dry food I’ll start to transition them to a different brand.  Thanks everyone for your advice the other day; it really did help & was comforting.  


  1. Avilyn

    She’s let me pet her a couple of times, at least. :-) She did hiss at her brother once or twice with the wet food eating, but I think part of that was a protective “you’re not going to take my share” (he eats faster than she does, and I’m giving him less because he’s heavier).  

  2. Nurse Kelley

    The best thing that’s ever happened to pet antibiotics, imo, is the development of a long-acting injectible. I have a pootie who is impossible to pill, and it has been a godsend!

    Lighting a candle for Miss Fudge.

  3. Jk2003

    I am going to weigh in here, I hope you don’t mind…

    her BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and Creatinine levels are both elevated.  These are waste products produced in the body.  Specifically BUN is a byproduct of protein metabolism and creatinine is produced during muscle metabolism.  It is the kidneys job to dump these (and many, many other things) into the urine.  When kidneys aren’t working well or they are being produced at very high rates then they will show up elevated in bloodwork.

    Both can definitely be elevated during a UTI but only one that has ascended to the kidneys.  I would be curious to know what her urine specific gravity was.  

    Both can also be elevated for other reasons – renal insufficiency being the most common.  

    So, here is what you should do.  Treat the infection.  After she is done with the antibiotics, have her urine rechecked to make sure that the infection is cleared then also have her BUN/CREA levels rechecked to make sure they have returned to normal levels.  If they are still elevated will need to get her on a food that is good for renal insufficiency (meaning her kidneys haven’t failed but that they are not working as efficiently as possible).  There are diets for this (the best are canned) and keeping her well hydrated becomes key.  

    Hopefully, clearing the infection will help these numbers return to normal.  

    Questions?  Let me know…

  4. kishik

    I missed your original posting on this. Hope things clear up!

    With Lysine, if your pootie rejects the food with the Lysine mixed in, gradually increase dosage over days to reach what your vet recommends. I’ve found that mine knows when I mix it into his food, so it must have some sort of taste.

    Please let us know how she is doing!!!

  5. dear occupant

    happ yo hear you’ve got a course of action for Fudge (love that name btw), please keep us pootie people posted.

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