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  1. ~

    Watch this comment for news of slksfca’s hip replacement surgery which is scheduled to begin at noon Pacific time. We have members of the Silks Information Network strategically placed all across North America to bring you breaking news.  

  2. mapamp

    There is going to be a cold rain today. It’s 33 degrees now and will go up to 39. We may have freezing rain tonight, but most likely the freezing rain will stay up in the mountains.

    I woke up thinking of slksfca. I see I am not the only one :-)

    Thanks for any updates.

    I’m almost ready to leave for work. I’m glad I was able to check in here first!

  3. iriti

    27 here in the Shenandoah Valley, headed for a high of 40 or 41 depending on which weather service you ask. Supposed to have sleet and freezing rain and all whatnot, but the timing is listed as right when the temperature is highest so who knows. I expect light rain.

    In keeping with today’s theme, thinking of slksfca. Is someone here due to be informed how things went?

     photo purplemoose1_zpsf38d0ed0.jpg

  4. pittiepat

    gone out here (Columbia).  We got 5-6 inches of the wet, heavy stuff.  The wind howled all night and the trees are bent over.  We are almost out of the snow area and no more should be falling in about an hour.  Happily, the temperature is above freezing.   Guess I should have either grabbed a shower or made some coffee when I got up at 5:45 but did neither.  Hope the power isn’t out too long because the beeping of the UPS battery is going to drive me nuts.  (No pleasing me!)

  5. cassandracarolina

    Sending good thoughts to slksfca and hoping that everyone on the surgical team is bringing their best skills, teamwork, and energy to the task.  

  6. Jk2003

    31 here in St. Charles.  I think it’s just gonna rain here but we will see.  Here is hoping for a smooth surgery for Scott today and a quick recovery in the days to come.  Have avgreaybday everyone.

    Oh, that haircut I was gonna get my two year o,d yesterday?  Didn’t happen, he freaked out just getting to the chair.  So we left after I apologized to everyone.  Ugh.  So after his nap I sat him in the middle of the kitchen table and cut it myself.  So, add that to the list of things my mom self is doing that I never thought I would do.

  7. Diana in NoVa

    With sleet and freezing rain promised for later.  If it happens it will be the first correct weather forecast for several weeks.

    Still recovering from the first 45 minutes of the Oscars–was so overcome by vulgarity I fainted and had to have an IV of strong English tea to be revived.  I keep hoping that next year the Oscar emcee will be funny–but, sadly, that doesn’t happen any more than the weather forecast coming true.

    Bob Hope did it well.  Why can’t they bring him back to life (holographically, of course) and let him do it again?

    Must go off to toast the crumpets for breakfast, then slather them with melted butter and honey.  Yes, really.

    I don’t know slksfca but join the other meese (moose?) hoping for the best outcome with the surgery today.  

  8. zenor

     silk surgical team, so they operate flawlessly for our boy.

    Here day say rain, and maybe more later, besides warmer.

    I think my transistor radio had a song including lyrics very much sounding like

    If you ain’t Dutch,

    You ain’t much

    If you ain’t Dutch,

    You ain’t much.

    -and it went on like that. I think. I don’t usually hear stuff like that, silly like some of us are, on air. It funny.  

  9. dear occupant

    opened the back door off the kitchen and i can

    hear the waves roaring, i’m 2 blocks from the

    lakefront. the sky is that grey expectant color,

    snow’s a comin’!

    thinking about silky all morning and am sending

    some deep cosmic healing nebula energy his way.

     photo settingdarkfire.jpg

    have a great day everyone!

  10. anotherdemocrat

    don’t know how much I’ll be online the rest of the week. My mom is back in the hospital — she was there the first week of February, had been moved to a rehabilitation place to get stronger, but got worse yesterday & is back in the hospital. The weather was insane yesterday & my brother didn’t want me driving in it (40 mph winds here, snow in Dallas — just north of Dallas in the Panhandle, highways are shut down). But it looks ok today. I just need to trade some work duties around, consume some caffeine & go. Maybe some food and caffeine.

    Thanks so much for yesterday – that was really nice. If I can put together a diary for the day donations will be matched, I will. Music will probably revert to U2 (I’m just a little obsessed)

  11. And glad to be here for it.

    Still and always love the adventure of travel, but god I love to be home.

    Getting back a day early I managed to be there last night when my daughter was inducted into the middle school Honor’s Society, which was wonderful beyond words. A gymnasium full of kids and parents, Roxy walking across the stage, cake in the cafeteria. She didn’t want to do it but was ebullient and chatty afterwards. Determined not to have me say anything that would draw attention, but smiled when she turned in her chair at the front of the hall (the benefit of alphabetic seating) and saw me give a surreptitious thumbs-up.

    They gave me a big crystal trophy for my talk in Doha. I threw it away in the bathroom at the airport so I wouldn’t have to check a bag (and security brought it back to me at the gate, which was sweet). I’ll keep the trophy until it just becomes something else taking up space and gets sorted out of the house, but that small smile will stay with me forever.  

  12. wordsinthewind

    I really like the way it looks here after a big blow with everything stirred up and scoured clean. I’m trying to convince mr w to blow off chores to go out exploring the draws to see what has been uncovered. He’s trying to convince me I’m impeding progress and we could get another window in today if we stayed home. An appeal to my practical side will sometimes win out but it’s never my first thought.

  13. nchristine

    bed now??  I’d like to sleep until the HR person gets in contact with me……  But, first I need a nap!!!  I guess I didn’t sleep all that well last night.  I still haven’t found my motivation to work….

  14. Nurse Kelley

    It’s 21° and spitting snow this morning, so I’d better get the trash gathered up and out to the curb while I can.

    Scott, you behave yourself today. Candles are aglow!

  15. slksfca

    My weather today:


    Current: Partly Cloudy

    Wind: N at 0 mph

    Humidity: 85%

    Predicted high: 64°F

    Still sleepy but trying to wake up. It’s harder without coffee. I am REALLY jonesing for a nice hot mug full.

    All packed, just have to keep myself busy until 9:00 when I’ll get dressed and wait for the doorbell. The intrepid navajo has volunteered to be my chauffeur, which is extremely kind of her.

  16. princesspat

    And at some point in time there will be rain….and more primroses. I can see an empty pot from the kitchen window so more spring color is needed!

  17. slksfca

    navajo has just texted me to say she’s on her way. I’m signing off now to take care of a couple of last-minute things. Thanks again to everyone for the outpourings of love and support, and I’ll check in when I can. Hugs to all!

  18. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Still a little breezy in my part of North Texas. Yesterday was definitely a blustery day, good grief! Thinking about all my family, friends and fellow Moose in the snowy areas…My family in Lubbock is not impressed with all the snow. My aunt in particular had a few, ahem, vibrant descriptions regarding her opinion of snow on her Facebook page. In short she’s not impressed!

    Working on a few little orders today.After all the talk about crumpets, I would love to find time to bake, but I don’t think that will happen. SOOO I guess I’ll indulge in a nifty recipe I found on FB for making little single servings of cake made in the microwave. 1 box of Angel Food cake mix and 1 box of whatever flavor you like (Swiss chocolate for the rest of the family, sugar free Pillsbury chocolate for me) Mix the two together in a gallon size zip lock bag. To make a little mini cake, stir together 2Tbs of water and 3Tbs of mix in a large coffee cup. Pop the cup into the microwave for 1 minute. Eat it plain or add any kind of topping you like. We made up frosting for the big cake eaters and keep it in the fridge, I like a little butter or whip cream on mine. It’s simple and it works for that little something quick and sweet..

    Sending good thoughts and healing vibes to Scott as he undergoes his surgery today :o)

  19. anotherdemocrat

    Word of advice – never pack when you’re thinking about other stuff. I left my glasses at home, so I have to wear my contacts till bedtime. Will call my eye doc tomorrow & ask them to e-mail my prescription so I can get a cheap pair from a 1 hour place.

    Anyway, my mom is being kept sedated because of all the tubes. We went by to see her, stayed about 20 minutes. She seemed to be trying to wake up, but until the tubes come out of her throat, that would probably be a bad idea.

    Hanging out at my mom’s apartment, watching tv. Putting eye drops in about every 15 minutes. I know it is totally psychosomatic, because I can’t take my contacts out.

    Tomorrow: hospital, gym (I know how to get to the gym without getting lost), hospital. Glad I’ve got 2 books.

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