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Pooties – It’s All Relative

Most folks have relatives who make them cringe. A cousin who is a rabid teabagger, or an uncle who bases his opinions of you on how much you make per year. The pooties have an aunt who they prefer to avoid. She is loud and proud and larger then life. She has become a legend throughout pootie and woozle communities for her cooking and her antics. I would like to introduce you to Aunt Bertha.

 photo catauntberthaforklift.jpg

 photo catauntbertharun-1.jpg

Aunt Bertha has many habits the pooties find disturbing.

 photo catauntbertha1-1.jpg

 photo catauntbertha4.jpg

 photo catauntbertha8.jpg

The minutes can’t tick by quick enough until Aunt Bertha leaves.

 photo auntbertha4.jpg

 photo catauntbertha12-1.jpg

Her visits are always memorable.

 photo catauntbertha5.jpg

 photo dogazuntbertha.jpg

 photo catauntbertha6-1.jpg

 photo catauntbertha2.jpg

 photo catauntbertha1original.jpg

Even after Aunt Bertha leaves, her name is still spoken in whispers. Until her next visit…….

 photo catauntbertha3-1.jpg


  1. Nurse Kelley

    The only Aunt Bertha LOL I’ve seen before is the one with Sparky’s last sight. What a treat to discover it’s an entire genre!

  2. nannyboz

    I wish you could have seen his sweet cat face.  Like he was saying, “who Bertha?”  So I told him, “she’s one of the Butt sisters”.  Like he understood that!  Thanks Khloe, you never disappoint.  Oh, and just say “no” to spandex!

  3. trs

    but some of my nieces and nephews have been known to call me Crazy Uncle t. I think it might have to do with the way I act when I’m working on something – at least that’s what one of my nieces said when I was patching drywall for her.

  4. dear occupant

    i read it hours ago and went to sleep,

    i woke up and my jaw muscles are still hurting.

    an instant pootie CLASSIC.

    carry on!(please)

  5. wordsinthewind

    that everything in life is relative except your relatives, they’re constant. Enjoyed your diary a lot, thanks.

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