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YouTubes, Make Me Laugh Damn it!

So I have been very bummed lately. A lot of bad stuff has happened over the past few years and I am ready to be finished with it now. Oh and YouTube sucks, as it has changed significantly over the past year. Fox won’t let their…uh, er…’programming’ be shown anymore, so why bother? Given all of that, I dare YouTube, make me laugh.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Oooph. Yup, that made me rotf & lmao. So did this…

Ok. That was very funny and it made me laugh. It also made me fairly pissed, as I believe that marijuana should be legal. Period. That it is not available medically, is total bullshit. Legalize and decriminalize drugs. Save money and people. Put more money into prevention, accurate education, and treatment if needed. Grrrr.

Ahem. Here is the obligatory year according to Jib Jab.

Sorry. Kind of late. I am always late with stuff. I miss Headzup and TPMtv’s “The Day in 100 seconds”. Can we get them back please?

So I am very slow. Yeah I know Christmas is over. Do you still have Xmas decorations up? Worse yet, do you still have your tree;~J So just shut up and listen to versusplus. I like them and they definitely make me laugh.


I don’t know who this dude is, and never having seen the show, I only have a vague notion what Dawson’s Creek is, but you get the idea from this Tube.

Ok. That was unbelievably disgusting on so many levels, but yes, I shamefully admit, it made me laugh.

This did not make me laugh. This is part of the reason I find it difficult to laugh. Limbaugh and his ilk are no longer funny.

Oy. Um. Huh. So…why do people listen to lumpybag? Are they stupid or just high on hate?

Stupid and hate high I guess. I thought Andrew Breitbart was in big trouble over attempting to wiretap a US Senator’s office. I won’t even dignify Beck’s rant. It is too hypocritical and bizarre to comment on his insanity.

Hmmm. The last couple of tubes are proving me wrong on the fox issue. I am quite certain that fox has been monkeying around with youtube though. If you search for fox on youtube the majority of hits are from fox or fox friendly sources. Also, I noticed in my past tube diaries that a lot of my fox clips have been deactivated. Very strange and something I would look into deeper, if I could concentrate that long;~J

Let Rachel Maddow have the last word.

I used to laugh at fox and it’s minions, but I now realize how powerful and damaging a network, based strictly on conservative values that move between “fox and stupid friends” to the hyper John Bircher, wtf ever radicalism of Glenn Beck, is to our country.  


  1. Kysen

    This clip just seems to keep coming to mind of late…

    here ya go:

    Good to see ya, Holz…you have been missed.

    Oh, and I agree about the changes Youtube has made…I still have not adjusted to the site changes. Thanks Google

    Here are a couple Doritos commercials that I don’t think aired on Super Bowl Sunday (I could be wrong though…had a few beeeers in me):

    I know this one aired….but it skeeved me out:

    Hope to have brought you a laugh or two, hon…keep your chin up.  😉

  2. sricki

    Great tubesss!

    I never watched Dawson’s Creek, but I can’t stand that actor. He’s in a movie I like and his character is DISGUSTING. That clip is actually somewhat redeeming.

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