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Its Been too Damn Quiet Around Here – UPDATED

And there certainly hasn’t been any righteous rants as of late. So to fill the void and because it kinda cracked me up watching it. I give you the 100 greatest movie insults of all time.

Warning not for small children, office viewing, people burdened with over sensitivity as to what might be PC and what might not be.

However if you are looking for a verbal round house to hand out to some worthy soul these may inspire.

In closing Obama was ranked the 15th best president of all time only half way through his first term. Bush? 39th and I’m stunned he is this high.

Presidential Rankings

Here are the rankings – Brit

F. Roosevelt 1

T. Roosevelt 2

Lincoln 3

Washington 4

Jefferson 5

Madison 6

Monroe 7

Wilson 8

Truman 9

Eisenhower 10

Kennedy 11

Polk 12

Clinton 13

Jackson 14

Obama 15

L.B. Johnson 16

J. Adams 17

Reagan 18

J.Q. Adams 19

Cleveland 20

McKinley 21

G.H. Bush 22

Van Buren 23

Taft 24

Arthur 25

Grant 26

Garfield 27

Ford 28

Coolidge 29

Nixon 30

Hayes 31

Carter 32

Taylor 33

B. Harrison 34

W.H. Harrison 35

Hoover 36

Tyler 37

Fillmore 38

G.W. Bush 39

Pierce 40

Harding 41

Buchanan 42

A. Johnson 43


  1. HappyinVT

    Bush was ranked 42nd in both communication and in intelligence.  His background (rich white dude) got him to 39.  But we all know “presidential scholars” have a liberal bias.  🙂

  2. …those insults will be mighty handy in my script writing.

    Why is it so quiet? Hmm – a number of usual contributors seem busy chasing the dollar (thanks credit crunch for taking away Fogiv and Chris) others seem to have disappeared entirely (Shaun and John did you fall off the face of the earth.

    Others are probably to no good and having a whale of the wicked time elsewhere (yes Kysen, Sricki and Spacey I mean you)

    That leaves the rest of us with few people to abuse or berate.

    I guess it’s part of the disillusion with politics that has set in on the left, partly just to the realities of pragmatic power after 8 years in opposition. Even the Jerome tactic of trolling Obama doesn’t work. I wonder how the Tea Party sites are going – on the other hand I’m not sure teabaggers can actually write any prolonged comments.

    It’s part of the cycle of politics I suppose, and since the Moose was set up as an explicitly Pro Obama site, it may be to painful, shameful or awkward to share any enthusiasms these days.

    Personally, I’m worried for my beloved second country. Obama was, and still is, the best President you’ve had in several decades. That the bubble burst so quickly – or that the outrage cycle has exhausted us all so rapidly – is a worrying development to be sure.  

  3. DTOzone

    and since she’s came home, it’s been pretty bad. She lives upstairs from my aunt in Queens, but my aunt is having trouble dealing with her, so she’s spending weekends with my parents where my mom is taken to taking care of her (she’s her mother-in-law)

    She won’t go to a home, she’s near 90. She can’t walk, she needs help going to the bathroom and needs to be bathed.

    My sisters have helped when available, but this seems to have taken a toll on my 12 year old brother, who has ben watching her waste away each weekend.

    My aunts took grandma up to the compound in Quebec for two weeks, so we all get a break. I keep thinking about my parents getting older…thank God I have siblings. What would I do without them?

    Of course I’m the oldest…the heir to the throne…the executor…my sisters and brother look to me for guidance. No pressure now!  

  4. but a few scenes that have left their mark with me…

    last scene of smoke which is perhaps one of the best film moments of all time. so profound in its meaning to art, writing and film. epic.

    ending of cinema paradiso – my favourite movie of all time. save for the fact that i bawl through half the film when ever i watch it.



    and the hangover:

  5. fogiv

    I’ve started / stopped, started /stopped a few diaries in the last few weeks, but mostly ditch them before they get off the ground.  After a few days they don’t seem very timely.  I’ll make more of an effort.

    I interviewed for a J – O – B at the beginning of this week, and did okay I think (I’m my own worst critic).  I’ve got a pretty good shot at getting it, and to say that I’m over-qualified for it is an understatement.  So long as they checked my references, I think I’ll probably land it.  It’s a pay cut, but it’s stable for a year or two (at least), and keeps me relatively local and doing work in the portions of the Great Basin culture area (north and central California, southern Oregon, and most of Nevada) that I know best.  Would be nice to not have to jet off to Texas, Iowa, North Dakota, etc. for a change.  Jeez, it’ll be almost like a vacation to work so near my HQ, and for sorter durations.  Still, I’m not gonna get my hopes too high — I suspect I’m not the only ridiculously well-qualified bloke who applied.  If I don’t get it, something else will pop up sooner or later.  That, or I’ll just make opportunities for myself doing something else.

    On the whole though, I’m making the best of unemployment, spending all day, every day taking care of Jack Jack.  He’ll be two in September.  Two!  He hadn’t been born yet when I posted my first ever Moose diary (such as it was).

    I’ve also been pretty busy learning chicken songs for the upcoming August gig.  We’re playing at chicken themed art show — should be a riot.  We’ll have me on guitar, plus a fiddle, washtub bass, and musical saw.  As of today we’ll be called either The Meat Byrds or John Corncock and the Peckers.  No rehearsals this coming week though, as the fiddler and bass are off to Dismal, Nevada for a ‘Burning Man’ like July 4th event (wherein the fiddler dons protective gear and fights with fireworks).  We worked up a nice version of this song:

    As for ranking the POTUS, I wanna again recommend Alter’s The Promise to everyone.  It’s a really fantastic look at the extaordinary first year of the Obama administration.

  6. rfahey22

    who was certainly no slouch, the best in my mind has to be Lincoln (Teddy Roosevelt, seriously?).  He lead the country through the darkest phase of its history despite widespread unpopularity and resentment.  While he wasn’t an out-and-out abolitionist, history and circumstances pushed him in the right direction.  

    As for Bush, I guess he can’t necessarily be at the very bottom, since the last spots are reserved for the president who did little to prevent the Civil War (Buchanan) and the one who screwed up Reconstruction (Johnson), but was he really better than Harding?  I find that hard to believe.  


    “you low blister” from Wodehouse Playhouse.  It has more punch when delivered with sneering disdain. 🙂

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