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  1. sricki

    I am going out of town for Father’s Day weekend to hang out with the family. I actually called my parents yesterday morning to tell them about KO’s freakout. I figured they’d find it funny, as Republicans, which they did. My dad called him “a little bit….”  Well, you probably know where I’m going with that.

    Working on a website trying to use pure CSS and hating Internet Explorer more and more by the day. Trying to avoid using shortcuts with JS because there are a lot of people out there (myself included) who have it disabled a lot of the time, but I’m really losing patience fast.

    Sometimes my kid brother, who’s 17 and normally a real ass, surprises me with a show of compassion that I would never think to expect. He called me last night at 11 talking about a little white kitten that was sitting on my parents’ porch. He wanted to bring it into the house and put it upstairs in the bathroom and then take it to the shelter this morning. My dad didn’t want it in the house. My bro snuck out and tried to get it anyway, but apparently it was too fast — he couldn’t catch it. He ended up catching some massive toad instead, which he is keeping in the tub until I get there to see it in a few hours. (I freakin’ love amphibians!)

    Doting on my kitties before I leave them for the weekend — wish they could come with me always, but they hate the car — and one of ’em gets really sick even with Dramamine (I think it’s a psychological response more than anything else).  

    Looks like my grandmother’s house might close in July, which would mean I would spend less time bitching about how broke I am (I’ll still be broke, but I’d owe fewer people money).

    Have a fabulous weekend, all!

  2. sricki

    Found this recently and really dig it. Couldn’t find it anywhere, so had to convert it to mp3.

    Ohhhh, and my favorite band comes out with a new album in July (in the US). Bit of trivia — despite liking music like the clip above, how many of you knew sricki’s favorite genre was metal? (Real metal, not crap nu-metal like Korn and shit.)

  3. HappyinVT

    next weekend I’m running a 10k to benefit a local organization that helps battered women.  It’s my first “competitive” 10k so I’m psyched and a bit nervous.  I don’t want to start out too fast and not be able to finish (without walking).

    Wish me luck!

  4. fogiv

    for the weekend.  My little brother is getting married.  Jack Jack will serve as ring bearer, and I’m trying to figure out a way to keep him from dashing away to chuck the ring into the river.

  5. I was poking at DKOS a bit and found this.  Big Tex epic rant after being accused of being a homophobe when he suggested Maddow should “sue the cocksucker” when Scott Brown lied about her:

    I know that there are tightasses in every large group, so had I thought about it long enough, I might have expected someone to take offense at the lack of grace I showed in my use of one of George Carlin’s seven words. What I did not anticipate, however, was to be accused of using it as a homophobic slur. Apparently, a few of you feel that using the word “cocksucker” is an attempt to belittle someone by suggesting that they’re a gay male, under the theory that the person using the word “cocksucker” must (1) see fellatio as something that only gay men do and (2) think there’s something wrong with being gay.

    Now, I’m bisexual, and I have a nephew I’m very close to who is openly gay, not to mention a couple of other family members and several friends. So I feel that I can speak with some authority in saying that “cocksucker” is not a slur against gay people. It’s just not. It certainly hasn’t been used that way in my experience. And yes, gay and bi men suck cock. So do women. Occasionally, I suck cock too. I do so because I enjoy it.

    When I call someone a cocksucker, I do it because it’s a widely used perjorative with a lot of weight behind it. I don’t envision the person I’m directing the word at actually sucking cock any more than I envision the people who I call motherfuckers actually fucking their mothers, or any more than I intend actual insult towards the mothers of people who I call sons of bitches. When I call someone a douchebag, I’m not setting out to denigrate women who douche, or vaginas. Nor, when I refer to people as pricks, am I setting out to suggest that there’s something wrong with pricks, or with having one. I use the word asshole a lot, and pretty much everyone has one of those including me, so I don’t see how the word could be taken as a slur against people with properly functioning digestive systems.


    To all of the cocksuckers, motherfuckers, sons of bitches, douchebags, pricks, and assholes who hiderated my comment: I am not a homophobe, and fuck you for suggesting that I am. I’ve gone with my nephew to the emergency room after one too many of the asskickings he’s gotten from real homophobes not to take that shit personally–my nephew who I hardly ever see any more because he moved up north to get away from all of the rednecks down here who were offended by his lifestyle. It’s infuriating, because if I were more open about who I am as my nephew is, I might be getting my ass kicked every now and then too. And it’s especially infuriating given all the oxygen I’ve spent here defending GLBT rights against people here who consider those rights politically expendable, some of whom may have been among the people who hiderated me.

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