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At Long Last . . .

I am finally here.

Truth is I signed up for Motley Moose way way back in the beginning, but for whatever reason just never came here. I guess I was tracking too many blogs and one more seemed like an overload. Or I was lazy or I just never gave it much thought or  . . . doesn’t really matter.

As of today I am correcting this grievous oversight. After days and days (months and months?) of hair on fire diaries at KOS, one friggin flame war after another  I needed some place sane. So here I am, better late than never?

I am looking forward to some rational discourse.

So on that note  – hello everyone.

ps -Yes I know probably too short a diary to actually be more than a lengthy comment 😉


  1. Welcome welcome!

    No diary is too short to start a welcome conversation.  The recent evapotranspiration of the political blogosphere (and related conversations) has resulted in a brackishness in the common pools of thought that imho makes the point that both you and Fogiv raise in recent days.  (Sorry about the aquafication of that sentence, The Economist just had a great special section on the challenges of water management so I can’t help myself. ;~)

    It seems to me that the same kind of thing that has happened in Left Blogistan is happening in Right Tea Partiandia.  On the Right it is perhaps more a dilution of the Purity that is unpleasant to the Believers (where are the TP rallies for Scott Brown?) while on the left the increase in the salinity of the standing puddles is driving all but the most extremophile creatures out onto the banks.  The former is perhaps the nadir of the curving trend-line of Democratic party support while the latter is the beginning of the downward slope from the minor peak of Republican enthusiasm.

    The good news for Democrats, I believe, is that their party is still by far the most viable for the foreseeable future and the hopes of their extreme wing are fading into a more achievable rationality.  The good news for the Republicans is that the killing fever of ideology is passing and the hope of a recovery of health and lucidity is now at least imaginable.

    Good to see you here, all that blather notwithstanding. ;~)

  2. It took too long – but it was worth the wait.

    I saw you the other side of the street on Kos. I thought… hang on, didn’t I know this guy on MYDD in worser/better days?

    Good to see your lengthy comment/diary. Notice how we’ve all kept a bit quiet the last few weeks to encourage you to speak up?

    Slay the fatted calf I say. Another prodigal son returns.  

  3. fogiv

    Fox in the henhouse!  Fox in the moosehouse.  aw shit, you know what I mean.  Welcome aboard.

    {golf clap}

  4. HappyinVT

    or is it “welcome back?”

    Either way, great to see a different face from the usual mugs around here.  🙂

  5. rfahey22

    It’s always good to kick up your feet and take a chill, metaphorically speaking.  I’ve learned that I can’t maintain my level of election-era outrage in the years between elections, but that there seems to be a large online contingent that needs to be perpetually outraged, and in order to do so fixates on stories that range from truly relevant to completely inconsequential.  Frankly, it’s tiring to watch.

  6. sricki

    Saw you around on kos at times, but it’s such a big place… hard to keep track of people. Welcome to the Moose!

  7. fogiv

    I freakin’ love my Dad:  

    This morning he called Darrell Issa’s (R – CA) office, explained to the staffer that he was a registered Democrat, and would like to offer the Representative a job, but warned that whether Issa accepted or not, he’d be starting a petition calling for his impeachment.  Then he hangs up, and calls the Sacramento Bee, asking them to cover Issa’s conflict of interest and potential ethics violations.


  8. spacemanspiff

    Glad to see you around here!

    Sit back and chill. I think you’ll find this place interesting and different to say the least. Only place I post so that in itself makes this place special. 😉

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