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Saturday Sports: Basketball? No… The House of Representatives.

OK… while many are watching the NCAA Basketball games, I’ll be watching the big sports action of the weekend: The Health Care bill in the House of Representatives.

CSPAN is showing BOTH the debates in the House and the Reconciliation Bill debate in the House Rules Committee (on CSPAN 2). The major players will all be out there, making the points or stalling to try and get the bill bogged down. Whatever happens today will determine what gets voted on tomorrow.

I’ll watch the Republicans push as many misstatements and lies as possible, challenge every rule and try to get this put off (the first Repub to speak at the Rules Committee meeting suggested how, if the Dems tried to be bipartisan, we could really get somewhere… in six years!)  I’ll watch the Dems restate every point to make it clear (and I understand at some time today all the House Dems are being called into a meeting at the White House today to get their energy up) and try to end run the Repubs whenever possible. How could Basketball even compare?

This will probably run well into the night tonite… time to get out the popcorn and keep abreast of the various blogs that will be commenting on every play.

Excitement and entertainment abound.



  1. HappyinVT

    I’ve got to go with the basketball although I’ll check in quite frequently (during time-outs) on the health care debate.  Tomorrow, however, I will be glued to the vote when/if it happens then I’ll switch to b-ball.

    Go Bucks!

  2. Call your representative if they haven’t announced which way they are going to vote. Heck, call them anyway to offer support if they are going to vote yes and to chastise if they are going to vote no. Also use the Moose’s Contact Congress page to send them an email.

    One thing that I’ve noticed in all of this is that the target list of undecided representatives is almost always limited to Democrats. I get emails from conservative mailing lists with the names. I’ve seen the same lists online. But what I haven’t seen is a list of Republicans who are in vulnerable districts. The Left should have been targeting them just like the Right is targeting Dems in conservative districts. I think we messed up there.

  3. Patriotic Resistance spam from

    Patriotic Resistance

    A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance

    Hello Patriots!!

    What a great day!!! I have just spoken with our National Director Darla Dawald and she is excited!! Here are a

    few things she wanted me to tell all of you:

    The Rally went well and the folks there were great! There were 40-50,000 of our Fellow Patriots on the West Lawn.  The numbers are STILL coming in, but you will not hear this on the mainstream news media. The People were chanting “Kill The Bill”.  During the Rally the Speakers were giving updates on the BlueDog Democrats

    w/numbers for folks to call. And they were burning those lines up!

    After the event Folks went of to the Office Buildings of their Respective house members only to find

    one of the Buildings had the doors locked. In Fine American Patriot form – the crowds were chanting –

    “Nancy – Let us IN!”

    So – where does the HealthCare Bill Stand: “Deem and Pass” is Dead in the Water. They will be voting

    on it Tomorrow.  Word is that Nancy Pelosi does NOT have the votes for this bill.  KEEP CALLING, KEEP


    Tonight Darla, Amy and a few others will be going to a Candlelight Vigil @ 7:30 at the United States

    Supreme Court.

    Darla hopes to be making an Audio update here pretty soon. You can find that on the main page

    She will be posting pics from the event as well so look for those. Oh and she got to meet Jon Voight!

    So folks, Keep up the Great job you are doing – keep those calls, emails and faxes going in – and

    Pray without Ceasing!


    Mellie Reid

    Asst Natl Dir

  4. HappyinVT

    Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) just told our Brian Beutler that a short time ago, a protestor watching the House proceedings from the gallery got rowdy, yelling “Kill the Bill.” He resisted four Capitol Hill police officers trying to remove him from the gallery and as this was happening he was cheered loudly by dozens of House Republicans.

    “I’ve never seen members of the House cheering on a guy resisting being kicked out of the gallery,” said Frank. “It’s a dangerous situation and the Republicans are cheering him on.”

    from TPM

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