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Progressive Hero or Political Blowhard?

I have to admit that I have mixed emotions when it comes to Florida Democratic Representative Alan Grayson.  I do appreciate that he is willing to give it back to Republicans.  I, however, do think he can take things a bit too far.

I’ll let you decide this one.

Sarah Palin went down to Grayson’s district in Central Florida last Friday to address the Orange County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day fundraiser.

She, apparently, is not a fan of the current Representative from that district:

“Alan Grayson. What can you say about Alan Grayson?” Palin, the former GOP vice presidential nominee, asked the audience. “Piper is with me tonight, so I won’t say anything about Alan Grayson that can’t be said around children.”…  

Rep. Grayson is not a fan of the former Governor, either.  Some choice quotes from his Grayson for Congress website:

Palin, the former half-term Governor, current-nothing and future-even-less, charmed the all-Republican audience with her folksy folksiness and her homespun homespunnery. Atypically, Palin was wearing clothes that she had paid for herself. At the end of the event, she shared her recipe for mooseface pie.


He thanked Palin for alleviating the growing shortage of platitudes in Central Florida. Grayson added that Palin deserved credit for getting through the entire hour-long program without quitting.


When asked to comment about what effect Palin’s criticism might have, Grayson pointed out, “As the Knave’s horse says in Alice in Wonderland, ‘dogs will believe anything.'” Earlier, as the Orlando Sentinel reported, Grayson said, “I’m sure Palin knows all about politics in Central Florida, since from her porch she can see Winter Park,” which is part of Grayson’s district.


“I look forward to an honest debate with Governor Palin on the issues, in the unlikely event that she ever learns anything about them,” Grayson added…

Most of it seems fairly harmless although I’m not sure calling Florida Republicans “dogs” was a smart move.  And, I particularly did enjoy that last bit about learning anything about the issues.

But, the newsletter ends with this:

Scientists are studying Sarah Palin’s travel between Alaska and Florida carefully. They hope to learn more about the flight patterns of that elusive migratory species, the wild Alaskan dingbat.

Call me squeamish or simply too girly for politics but this is the kind of stuff we don’t like from the Republicans and I’m of the “two wrongs don’t make it right” school.  There are enough problems with Sarah’s policy positions and lack of basic curiosity in the world without resorting to this kind of childishness.  

That’s my opinion, anyway.


  1. ;~)

    I guess we disagree on this one. I could read this stuff all day. If Grayson wrote this stuff himself then he could have a career in stand-up comedy when he leaves office. If it was written by one of his staffers, that person could get a job as a writer for one of the late-night talk shows.

  2. Shaun Appleby

    We had another dozen of him.  The media grandstanding is no less than the Republicans deserve, as often as not.  His appearance on CNN’s ‘situation room’ after his initial ‘don’t get sick and die early’ controversy was a masterful study in controlling the message.  Worth watching all ten minutes.  It created a ‘situation’ all right.  And ironically, the NRCC posted it themselves because they think it exposes him as outspoken, or something.  The guy is a modern media genius.

    But interestingly enough, he’s not just a media show-pony.  As a freshman congressman he has an enviable record on legislative achievements.  The Grayson-Himes Pay for Performance Act is now law.  His recent Medicare proposal gained a pretty wide currency in the progressive blogosphere and is not a very bad idea, really.  I’m guessing he has the respect of many of his colleagues even though he jacks up over some of the centrist positions of the Obama administration and mainstream Democrats.  He seems to be inclined to translate his notoriety into wins for the team and legislative achievements and in this respect he tends to make Dennis look a bit old school while covering much the same territory.

    Consider me a fan.  And I will forgive him the occasional excessive misstep if he continues to present himself with directness and apparent humility.  And strangles toxic Republican messages in their sleep.

    And in all fairness, Palin swanned in to his district and made that typically smarmy remark.  I kinda’ admire Grayson’s reserve, under the circumstances.  And his comments went far and wide, did you notice?  No fool he.  Betcha’ that’s the last time she tangles with him.  Heh.

  3. DTOzone

    to prove Republicans can get away with things that the Democrats can’t.

    A Republican like Grayson gets substaintial coverage, gets on Sunday talk shows, gets to write columns in national newspapers, becomes the go to guy for the right wing viewpoint.

    Grayson? When was the last time you saw him on television?


  4. Ironically, the one true comedian in Congress is all about making irrefutably logical and airtight arguments.

    Grayson is fun, and he may be useful, but I prefer my politicians a tad more restrained more of the time.

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