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Daily Tubes for December 17 & 18, 2009

Sometimes it really, truly sucks to be a Democrat. This week has been a fine example of this sad reality.

Snark with a grain of truth I am afraid. It is a good thing that I never drank the Kool aide, and understands that all Presidents must lead.

Damn! The Federal Government will go bankrupt? I would really appreciate greater depth of that statement. Ok, I will listen to it again.

Yep. Still want more clarification. Help?!

I have the great misfortune of dropping a bit of coal in all of our Democratic stockings. Dems attacking Dems. Sorry.

Howard Dean is angry.

Hmm. I don’t think I agree. My feeling on it at this point; pass the bill and fix it later.

Like that.

Back to Republicans making mayhem for Democrats and our country.

Republicans are pond scum. I really adore Bernie Sanders. He is one of my favorite Senators.

Why would we be frustrated? Republicans and conservadems have used every trick in the book to delay and drag these hearings down, and now have peed on this bill so much, it smells really bad.

This was so very funny.

I don’t actually think it was personal. I simply think a freshman Senator was doing what he had been told.

John McCain was his usual self. Prick. I understand that he did the same thing to another Senator not long ago. Can you smell the hypocrisy?

I believe that was Senator Byrd, Chris.

Here is Chris again.

Painted that with a gigantic brush, eh Chris? Before you make such a vast accusation, please come and visit the Moose and our ilk for a bit. Or perhaps we aren’t Hardball enough.

Sarah Palin was in the news this week (yeah, I know, why even mention it). It was weird and funny (again…I know). Headzup explains.

I am wordless.

My friend Edward Current is back with a new tube. I really like this guy.



  1. Hollede

    Thursday and Friday turned into a couple of overwhelming news days and is the reason for the delay. Heh, I even trimmed three of four tubes and still this is a long one.

    Enjoy or not.

  2. sricki

    is against the bill… I tend to think he’s wrong — but it still causes me quite a bit of angst. **sigh**

    Excellent tubes though, Holz.  

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