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Since 2008 – Progress Through Politics


It is too obvious to point out that right wing conservative car alarms are using fear and anger to stoke hatred of government and our elected leaders these days. Is Fox leading this movement or is this a spontaneous response to troubled times in our country? I am fairly certain that Republican Party has little of no control over the tea parties and anti-government sentiment. Some elected Republicans foolishly participate and are often ridiculed for their conflicting and hypocritical deeds and words.

So far I find President Obama to be the politician I expected, and in fact better than I had anticipated. He has faced unimaginable circumstances with seriousness, thoughtfulness, infinite calm and tremendous determination. He has actually been able to accomplish quite a bit in spite of the catastrophic environment he inherited.

I am a lifelong member of the Democratic Party of the United States of America. I have always voted for Democratic candidates and have participated in local and state politics in North Dakota throughout the 1980’s. In spite of my loyalty, I have experienced too many years of absolute frustration toward my party. Many of them over the past few months;~J  

At this point in the political theater of our country, I am pleased. It may not seem very good right now but the seeds of future good times for Democrats and the President are starting to sprout. The economy appears to be slowly improving. Nothing the Republicans and/right wing nut jobs throw at the President seems to have stuck and those very individuals are losing credibility every single day that passes. So I am pleased.

In fact at this point I believe that 2010 will be a good to very good year for Democratic candidates. However, if I am correct, success in 2010 may cause 2012 to be more problematic for President Obama.