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Tuesday October 27, 2009: The Day in Tubes

Are you having problems finding a costume for you or your little one(s) this Halloween? The Onion is in with some sage advice for those tough decisions.

I was always the hopeless little tomboy. I used to like to wear my Dad’s overcoat, buttoned up over a pillow wrapped around my head, and a bloody looking scarf tucked into the neckline. Voila! Instant headless horseman. Actually I just liked wearing Dad’s topcoat.

Senator Boxer is having some difficulty with some of her colleagues. Can you guess who?

Someone remind me, what is it that republicans actually do these days?

Some folks are criticizing the White House for exposing the right wing agenda of fixed “news”. I say, keep telling the truth Democrats! The republicans have been lying about the so called “liberal media” for years, with astonishing results. I wonder what a little truth might yield for our side?

It is pretty sick, when a party has to count on people not voting to win.

More amazing bipartisanship occurring in the House.  

First of all Boner, you have to actually have substance to discuss substance. Do you think he always has that horrible look on his face because he suffers from priapism? Just asking…

Things aren’t much better in the Senate.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t get up to dance with him either. Can we get a new leader now?

Headzup is in with an exclusive with the President.

I guess we are going to find out who the heartless blue dog obstructionists are now, aren’t we? Heh.


  1. Hollede

    So probably no more tubes until Friday. Hope you all have a great week and I am looking forward to getting my funny back;~J

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