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Sen. Kyl Not Sure People Die From Lack of Health Insurance

On Meet the Press Sunday, Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) was asked by host David Gregory if it is “a necessity to tackle the fact that there are more and more Americans who die because they don’t have access to health insurance?”

Kyl responded with incredulity:

I’m not sure that it’s a fact that more and more people die because they don’t have health insurance. But because they don’t have health insurance, the care is not delivered in the best and most efficient way.

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As TPM points out, a highly publicized Harvard research study made headlines just last month. It estimated that 45,000 Americans die each year because they lack access to health insurance and that uninsured Americans are 40 percent more likely to die than Americans who are insured.

Kyl has been committing healthcare blunders right and left. Last month, he quipped about not needing maternity care while he was arguing that insurance companies should not be mandated to provide certain types of coverage. Kyl also singlehandledly blocked the extension of unemployment benefits through a procedural action. Both members of Arizona’s Senate delegation — Kyl and McCain — also voted against the Franken amendment, which was written to provide legal protections for women who are sexually assaulted in the workplace.


  1. HappyinVT

    “So, Senator Kyl, are you saying that the Harvard study is incorrect?  Why or why not?”  Or, Gregory could also have pointed out that this president, unlike his predecessor, has put the costs of Afghanistan and Iraq in the budget instead of seeking supplemental spending approval.

    Senator Kyl also managed to invoke 9/11 and praise the war in Afghanistan but did not address the actual question of why we can always find money for a war, darn the deficit, but we cannot find the money to take care of the folks at home.

    Question is, what does this do to him in his home state?

  2. twsmithca

    Not being a doctor, it’s likely I’m not qualified to determine causes of death.  But I’ve never heard of anyone being killed by being uninsured…

    For someone essentially to say they don’t want a left wing talking point to be affirmed by saying, “I’m not sure…” seems like a fairly benign way to keep the conversation moving.

    I’m “pro-choice”.  An individual should be free to choose to be or not to be insured.  

    Of the 30 Million uninsured – or 45,46, 47 or 50 million uninsured:

    20% – Illegal immigrant

    25% – Eligible for Medicare or S-CHIP

    15% – Legal immigrants

    75% – Those that could afford insurance, but CHOOSE not to.

    86% – In good or excellent health

    So why are we in such a rush to turn ourselves into a socialist country when the solutions are not that dramatic?  

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