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Daily Tubes for October 1 & 2, 2009

Good grief. How could it possibly be October already? And with October upon us, it suddenly feels as if winter is coming early to Minnesota. However, we had such a beautiful September (really, all the summer we had this year), I think we got a bit spoiled.

The Onion has exposed the real reason for the recent dip in President Obama’s polls.

How dare he have a happy functional family! Perhaps we need a special investigator to check this out. Where is Ken Starr when you need him;~?

An amazing (and rare) display of Democratic courage appeared in the House of Representatives this week!

Oh noes! My world has been turned upside down! Won’t someone stop this man before it spreads;~?

AniBOOM and the History Channel teamed up this year, to put animation to famous words. The following is one of the finalists.

Sage words from one of those who came before us. Thank you David Chens (animator), Sandra Oh (actor), Emma Goldman, aniBOOM, and the History Channel.

Speaking of which, TPMtv offers a glimpse of another rarity these days. An honest Republican.

Snort! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

I know I should be hoping for an honorable opposition, but cannot seem to help my amusement at the clusterfuck that is the repugnant party these days.

Big Ed was talking to Senator Harkin the other day. He was far more optimistic, than I was earlier this week.

However, my sanguinity has improved tremendously since Mr. Grayson stepped up to the plate.

Headzup got another exclusive with the President this week.

If we have the freedom to assemble in the United States, why do we require permits to protest?


  1. Hollede

    felt happy. That is a record for quite some time. Representative Grayson has a lot to answer for;~J

    I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. And may your weekend be lovely and rejuvenating:~D

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