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"You lie!" (And They Did)

I just couldn’t pass this up — the clip is too good to miss. This afternoon, in a segment headed, “YOUR FACTS ARE WRONG…AGAIN,” CNN’s Rick Sanchez tore Fixed News a new asshole, and it was a thing of beauty. It appears that Fox thought it would be a good idea to take out a full page color ad in the Washington Post, alleging that the other major media outlets (including CNN) failed to cover the (embarrassing, hysterical) 9/12 Tea Party protest in DC:

Now look, here’s the hilarious thing about that ad above. You see the picture in the lower right hand corner? Yeah — that was an image taken from CNN’s skycam and a scene that CNN aired repeatedly last Saturday. That’s right. Let the overwhelming irony and hilarity of that soak in for a minute: They stole an image from CNN’s coverage of the event to paste into an ad about how CNN and other “biased” news outlets didn’t cover the event.

The problem with the ad is that the other networks indeed covered the protest, which — like similar demonstrations across the country — were heavily promoted by Fox, especially talk show host Glenn Beck.

The ad appeared Friday in the Wall Street Journal and New York Post, both owned by Fox’s parent company, and in The Washington Post.

ABC spokesman Jeffrey Schneider described the ad as “outrageous and false.” NBC spokeswoman Lauren Kapp said that “the facts . . . prove it wrong.” CNN spokeswoman Edie Emery called the ad “blatantly false.”

Fox News provided more coverage than other news outlets in the run-up to what Beck branded the “9/12” protests, but the other networks hardly ignored the story. ABC, for instance, covered it Saturday and Sunday on “Good Morning America” and Sunday on “World News,” along with extensive reports by ABC Radio and the network’s Web site. NBC covered it Saturday on “Nightly News” and the next morning on “Today.” CBS covered it on the “Evening News.” CNN covered the Saturday protests during the 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. hours, as well as on other programs afterward. Correspondents such as NBC’s Tom Costello, ABC’s Kate Snow and CBS’s Nancy Cordes were involved in the coverage.

Fox’s view is that the ad refers to the other networks’ missing the larger story, not failing to cover the demonstration itself — although the photos suggest that the headline refers to the protest. “Generally speaking,” Michael Tammero, Fox News’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement, “it’s fair to say that from the tea party movement . . . to ACORN . . . to the march on 9/12, the networks either ignored the story, marginalized it or misrepresented the significance of it altogether.”

The Washington Post

As for CNN’s coverage,

CNN was there as well, their Radio correspondent even got up close with the crowds. CNN also tells us deputy political director Paul Steinhauser was live at Freedom Plaza, CNN correspondent Kate Bolduan was live from the West Front of the Capitol, CNN All Platform Journalist Jim Spellman provided live hits all day after traveling for weeks on the actual Tea Party Express and filing reports for CNN and along the way. “We had camera crews at various additional locations: shooting live video of the marchers, live video of the rally speakers, live video from the CNN Express, and two robotic cameras were in spots around the city capturing the magnitude of the event,” CNN tells us.

Media Bistro

And when it came to Fox’s blatant, shameless lie, Sanchez was having none of it.

“Enough is enough,” Sanchez went on, sounding as though he had been taking lessons in righteous indignation from Keith Olbermann. “And yes, I’m talking to you, Fox News. You, who claim to be fair and balanced. At what, I wonder? … They are saying we did not cover this story. They are using a lie to try and divide people into camps. … That’s an offense to myself and my colleagues, who risked their lives in Iran and Afghanistan and around the world to bring the news.”

Sanchez then backed up his charges against Fox with clips of several different CNN reporters covering various aspects of the rally and even played a clip of Fox’s Bill O’Reilly saying smugly, “CNN, as we mentioned, covered the anti-Obama protests, of course.”

Raw Story

Check out Sanchez’s thorough excoriation of Faux Entertainment Channel in all its fiery goodness:

His finest moment came toward the end of the clip, when he encouraged Fox to look into the distinction between “covering” an event and “promoting” it:

Here’s the fact, we did cover the event. What we didn’t do is promote the event. Just like when thousands marched on Washington to protest the war on Iraq, we covered it as well — probably less than we covered this event — but we didn’t promote it. Bottom line is, we do cover the news, and we did extensively cover this event. We didn’t promote the event. That’s not what real news organizations are supposed to do. We covered the event. I would invite you to look into that distinction between those two words: “promote” and “cover”. Cover is kind of like a fair and balanced way of doing things. You get it? You might want to look into that. It’s about letting Americans make up their own minds.

Let me cut to the chase. When thousands of Americans showed up at the nation’s capitol to protest big government, we covered it — with four correspondents, two satellite trucks, multiple live interviews, lawmakers on the record, and conversations with attendees. By the way, I put a call into Fox News for a comment, and we expect an apology. But we’re still waiting.

Let me address the Fox News network now, perhaps the most current way that I can, by quoting somebody who recently used a very pithy phrase. Two words, that’s all I need: “You lie.”

It should be noted that this is not the first time Sanchez has called out the Fox “News” organization for their bullshit. He has gone after O’Reilly, the Fox crew for carrying the McCain volunteer mutilation hoax, and the Glenn Beck gun hysteric types. He has also gone so far as to say that Hispanics who work on Fox are sell-outs.

The man actually had sricki clapping today. Good on him for calling Fox out for what they are: Liars. If anyone has a free moment, you might pop over to his blog on and leave him some love.


  1. Shaun Appleby

    The interesting thing is, however, with all of the purposeless and incessant bloviating from the Right-wing noise machine a certain amount of fatigue has set in among the media and, I suspect, the population at large which creates a marvellous opportunity for Obama’s administration which he seems to be quite willing to use.

    Under ordinary circumstances the traditional Right would have been apoplectic over something like the recent unilateral cancellation of the European missile defence initiative but with the current super-saturated Right-wing noise levels ideological arguments got little or no oxygen.  That’s great.  The Right has asphyxiated it’s brains trust, such as it is, with birthers, deathers and just plain angry people.  Serves them right, so to speak.

  2. HappyinVT

    The regular Fox network chose to show So You Think You Can Dance instead of the president’s joint address.  Fox “News” has not shown the last several events that president has held for healthcare reform.  But, because it was a Fox “News” sponsored event, they think it’s appropriate to castigate other news organizations for not covering the DC rally.

    What other stories has one network covered that others have not?  MSNBC is almost strictly political news in the evening while CNN does other news (like the Yale murder).  I don’t see CNN yelling at MSNBC for their lack of coverage in this story.

  3. NavyBlueWife

    I have heard a lot of talk about their number of viewers as compared to the other channels, but the problem with that argument is that it assumes that the other news channels are direct competitors, which goes back to the difference between “cover” and “promote”, as Sanchez adeptly points out.  The closest thing that Fox Noise has to a competitor is MSNBC because, frankly, it is more democratically partisan.  Lots of people watch KO because he uses some of the same tactics that Bill O the Clown does.  (I know, heresy.)  But ultimately, the other news organizations split the demographic, and some people like me, don’t watch any news shows anymore, unless you count Jon Stewart (which I do).

    I applaud Rick for standing up to them.  We certainly must stand up to them pointing out their hypocrisy and flat out lying.

  4. i remember sanchez being a douche the last time i watched him – good on him. what is going on right now in the US, partially fueled by the fox news crew and other right-wing wackos will be a stain on its history.

  5. anna shane

    boy, do they lie.  

    I liked Maureen completing Joe (if that is his name) sentence for him. (Isn’t it funny how all those pugs change their first names to Joe?)  

    Brooks made this case that it’s not racism since they’re not all racists and every dem gets such treatment. Hey David, it’s not an either/or.

  6. alyssa chaos

    I love it when a news anchors call other ppl out on their shit.  I dont know if Rick Sanchez’s show is technically considered the actual news but its always interesting when ppl break face and confront lies head on. If it is the actual news then it makes it even more fun because anchors are supposed to be all cut and dry.

    I mean he caught my attention when he said that hispanics who work on fox are sell outs [i may agree with this…]. its quite a thing to say. then again he hasn’t called Lou Dobbs out on his shit but maybe he cant because he’s on the same network [?].

    I never really watch sanchez at all, but from the little pieces I catch about his show he may be tolerable to watch…  

    • It seems that while all the noise is being made out front about Obama’s socialist, Muslim credos and takeover of the country’s healthcare reform, the real swag is being gathered, round the back – especially on foreign policy. The wasteful and ineffective missile shield is just one of thoses things – this brings into play sanctions against Iran, which in turn brings pressure on the Israelis to seal a deal with the Palestinians. Then of course we have the final motivation of the Pakistani army to go after Al Qaeda in Waziristan. I haven’t even mentioned North Korea.

      So you’ve got it dead right: the bloviating Right wing wind machine replays the culture wars of the 80s and 90s, though this time as farce with Glen Beck and his Orchestra. They suck up all the oxygen of indignation, and real politics goes on in the background.

      The moments of despair people have felt in the last few weeks remind me of the Ohio/Pennsylvania part of the primaries. Suddenly all this stuff about hard working whites gets aired, and the rassentiment of two centuries. But it’s practical political effect, for all the screaming and drama, is pretty minimal.

      An article in today’s Guardian claims that the right is organising like the Obama compaign, and cites the heavily industry funded Freedomworks blogsite. But take a look. It’s no more busy than the Moose.

      If this is a right wing reply to the online and peer to peer organisation of the Obama campaign, they’ve a long way to to.  

    • seem to be almost knee-jerk reactions. They are in a bit of a quandary on this subject. The Russians opposed placing interceptors in Poland and the Czech Republic from day one. Bush and his crew swore it had nothing to do with Russia. It was only intended to protect Europe from a threat from Iran. Now that it is being shifted closer to Iran and will be in a better position to protect Israel and Europe, they are complaining about appeasing Russia.

      There’s another problem with this whole endeavor. The Right has recently pushed hard on the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, which states that all powers not enumerated in the Constitution belong to the several states and not to the federal government. Unfortunately for their arguments, nowhere in the Constitution does it say the federal government has the right to build defenses in foreign countries to protect other foreign countries. The Constitution only empowers the federal gov’t to defend the U.S.  

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