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Need a Vacation? Want to Protect Marriage Equality in Maine?

(Also at Nevada Progressive)

If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.

Yes, I know this is Maine. But remember, this can happen anywhere. It happened here in Nevada. It happened in California. It happened in Oregon. It happened in Arizona. It’s happened in states all over the place, but now we have a chance to turn the tide in Maine.

If Mainers succeed in protecting marriage equality in their state, it will help turn the tide nationwide. It can set a precedent of voters affirming equal rights. It can give us hope in places like my home state of Nevada to one day replace Question 2 and SB 283 with real, complete civil marriage equality.

But hey, I won’t annoy you with any more of my platitudes. I’ll let Jesse Connolly, campaign manager for No on 1/Protect Maine Equality, explain why it’s important for us to help.

The national movement for marriage equality is at a tipping point– if we defeat this referendum in Maine, we’ll look back on November 2009 as a watershed moment in our history. Be part of this history in the making.  Join us for a Volunteer Vacation in Maine.

Volunteer Vacation is simple.  During the month leading up to the election, the NO on 1 campaign is hosting a team of highly motivated volunteers to serve as full-time, volunteer campaign staff.  Once you arrive in Maine, you will receive a full orientation, be assigned to a team, and be trained on various aspects of the campaign.  You will get an intensive, hands-on campaign experience while working with a great team of people from around the country.

Sign up here to learn more about the program and to learn about housing options and travel assistance.

Be part of history. Join us for a Volunteer Vacation in Maine.

Even if you can’t do a volunteer vacation yourself, please donate what you can to help someone else make the trip. Just do whatever you can to help your LGBT brothers and sisters under attack in Maine. And in the coming days, I’ll let you know about other volunteer opportunities as soon as I find out about them.

Just remember the Maine… Election, that is.