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Wednesday September 2, 2009. The Day in Tubes

I have been a bit obsessed with Versus over the past few days. They are not posting all of their tubes at YouTube any longer, which bums me out. They have a couple at their website I would really like to post, but cannot figure out how. Technotard here.

This one takes me back to the last few months of the bush years.  

How many minutes until the 2010 elections?

TPMtv is back. Sort of. I still haven’t seen a Day all week:~( No pundit points here, but two clips that stretch across a chasm of disagreement.

Gingrey is an Asshole.

Trumka is not.

Uh oh. The Michelle Freakshow Bachmann is back.

WTF? Naw, she didn’t. Not even MB is that nutty, right? Right?

Wow. This may come as a startling shock to all of you, but I am certain that Michelle Backmann is not competent to serve in the US House of Representatives.

Just for fun.

Seems like a good idea to me.

Ok. I am going to check to see if the Day in 100 seconds is back. Send a prayer please (or whatever you do for the good vibrations).

Pick your favorite  









music, while we wait…

Oh Nooooooooooooooooeeeessss. Three. days. in. a. row. And no Day in 100 seconds. Oh the humanity.