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Please Contribute For The Real Public Option As Part Of The Healthcare Plan!

nyceve and slinkerwink are two prolific bloggers at Dailykos and Firedoglake who had been performing remarkable service to the progressive community for the past few months. Their incisive critique and voluminous work on the healthcare debate and support of the real public option plan have proven to be incredibly useful for the progressive online community. Firedoglake decided that we need them to report on the healthcare debate fulltime and thereby need our financial support.

Please consider donating to financially support the online and outside activities of nyceve and slinkerwink on behalf of us to continue fighting for meaningful Real Public Healthcare Option!

Support for Bloggers for Meaningful Public Healthcare Plan

If you want to support the progressive members of the Congress who are willing to stand up for the meaningful public option, please donate at the ActBlue page:

ActBlue Page for Supporting Progressive Members of Congress for Public Plan


  1. DTOzone

    friends of mine at ABC had their blackberries running off the hook tonight. Apparently Schumer was meeting with the Senate parliamentarian to go over what can and cannot get through the Senate, and the public option looks like it cannot be passed through reconciliation because of some point of order by Judd Gregg…so they look like they’re going to kill it in the Senate…and possibly completely.

    So I’m hearing.  

  2. AD HD

    Senate rules. Who does though?

    At this point, I say give it a few more weeks to continue to gin up support for the public option, and if we still cannot stop a filibuster, LET THEM DO IT.

    If we can grow this backlash that is occurring, perhaps a filibuster can crystallize public support for the Medicare public option.

    The Republicans do not have the support they think they have!


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