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Max Baucus: "GOP leadership is trying to kill healthcare reform."


Max, you just now figuring that out?!

The Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, the one holding up healthcare reform, told the editorial board of a Montana paper,

“The Republican leadership in the Senate and in the House is doing its utmost to kill this bill,” he said. “They are putting intense political pressure on Chuck Grassley, Olympia Snow and Mike Enzi, to bow out, because they want to kill it. So I’ve got a challenge ahead of me to work out all this on policy as we go through these meetings.

“The other thing is the politics of it: ‘People, this is the right thing to do for America. I know you’re under intense political pressure, but do the right thing. I know it’s easy for me to say right now, because I’m getting beat up by both sides, but not nearly as much as you are by the Republican hierarchy.'”


John Kyl of Arizona backed that up when he told Fox “News” that he didn’t think a single Republican is going to vote for the bills as they are in the House or Senate right now.  Anything they might vote on is unacceptable to those of us pushing for real reform.

My hope is that the Finance Committee spits out something, anything, soon so we can move on.