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Friday August 21, 2009: The Day in Tubes

It would seem that most of my regulars are on vacation. TPMtv is always there for us though. They seem to think we had a wee wee week.

Friday August 21, 2009, the Day in 100 seconds.

Damn it! I think I just had a little accident. Excuse me while I take care of that.

As I said above, most of my regulars are AWO my L. Ah well, they deserve a break every so often. I hope all are well and having fun.

What is wee wee’d up? Press Secretary Gibbs explains.

Not to fear, Barack Obama is here.

President Obama and a lot of friends. That means you and me. Together we have superpowers.

I was just about to post and found another TPMtv tube. I cannot say enough that I think President Obama is the real deal.

He needs us now. I want a two term President Obama. And I want his vision for America. In order for this to happen WE need to step up to the plate and help him succeed. If WE do not, I will fear for the future of our country.

As I crudely stated elsewhere on the Moose

I actually agree that President Obama   (2.00 / 3)

cannot do much more to raise awareness, dispel myths, and get a public option passed in the House and Senate. The fact is, that nothing will happen, unless we (and I mean the collective and exponential WE) get off of our assess, hit town halls and other public venues, get noticed by the media and politicians, and start seriously talking to those around us about the truth of American health care. President Obama did not get the Presidency by himself. Democrats did not get a super majority on their own. We put them there.

Now we must tell them what to do about health care. Now is the time to get back into action. The networks are all in place, we simply have to turn the switch on. Did anyone really think this was going to be easy? However, if just a fraction of the collective we that got President Obama elected throw ourselves back into the fray, we can make the republicans and corporate interests look like the lunatic fringe they are.

Break time is over folks. Get the fuck back to work.


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