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Tom Ridge Wrote a Book **Updated Again**

It would appear that Tom Rigde is telling a few secrets about his tenure in the bush pseudo administration. To my absolute shock and horror (snark), Ridge states that he quit as Director of Homeland Security because he felt the bushies used terror levels to “win” the 2004 election. He said that he was pressured to raise the level after the Democratic Convention and just before the election.

There is more. Chris Matthews discussed it on his show today. Hopefully I can find a clip later and post it.

**Video Update** Not Matthews but KO covered it well enough.

This does not surprise me in the slightest. Can we count the ways that the bushies broke the law?

Tom Ridge’s book “The Test of Our Time” will be out in two weeks.

My only question for these guys is why they did nothing at the time, but are willing to write books about it now. (DELETED)

**Update Again**

Uh oh. A few republicans are upset with Tom Ridge.

Earlier today I watched a republican pundit say she believed Tom Ridge over Donald Rumsfield.

I will look for the video and her name and hopefully post it later.


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