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  1. I’m off to seek my lonely bed

    Soon the pillow will cradle my head

    and I will sleep like the dead

    Tomorrow I’ll see where this thread led

    What he said. What she said.

    Perhaps, some wisdom will be spread

    Perhaps, someone will have been misled

    Then again, perhaps I’ll leave it unread

    I’m done. I’ll let you talk instead.

  2. alyssa chaos

    i was offended, entertained, and grossed out all in one 2 hour sitting.

    I give it 3 out of 5. but then again I have low standards and was determined to laugh no matter how disturbing it was.

  3. Shelley Schreiner has this story at MyDD:

    Even with all the progress we’ve made, it’s sometimes shocking and disheartening how far we have to go.

    In Texas, two gay men were thrown out of a restaurant for kissing. Straight couples kiss in restaurants all the time, and people either don’t notice or think it’s cute or charming.

    Unfortunately for the men and their three friends, All American International Security guards on duty at the restaurant did not find it charming. The guards told all five men to leave the restaurant, and harassed them with hateful slurs while the men waited for the police to arrive to clear up the problem.

    They were smart to call the police, since the El Paso City Council approved an ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation by businesses which serve the general public. So it’s pretty straightforward — they call the cops, the cops enforce the city ordinance, the security guards look like jerks and that’s the end. Right?

    Not quite. When the police arrived, they told the couple and their friends that they could be cited for “homosexual conduct” — a law that was determined to be unconstitutional in 2003.

    I’ve asked her to crosspost it here, if an Editor can frontpage it that would be nice.  I would like to see how many other business owners can send letters like mine to the Mayor:

    Mr. Mayor,

    An incident has recently been brought to my attention in regards to the treatment of a homosexual couple and their dinner party at “Chico’s Tacos” – one of your town’s restaurants (  It would appear that despite the fact that a local law banning discrimination had been breached by the security guards and the restaurant in question – and further that your police force acted unconstitutionally as determined in a 2003 court case – that you and your office are supporting these discriminatory practices.

    Regardless of the legality of the actions of the restaurant, the security guards and most particularly your police force, this breach of civil rights and common decency and your lack of action to correct it has prompted me to issue a ban on travel to your city.  I would not wish for my employees or customers to believe that my company supported or tolerated such discriminatory practices.

    I await news that you have ordered an investigation into the actions of your police officers and the owner of the restaurant in question.


    Chris Blask

  4. HappyinVT

    I find this video both reassuring and highly amusing…

    Not that I would blame Obama for being human; I would just expect him to be a bit less obvious.  Sarkoczy, however, not so much.

  5. Andrew Sullivan’s blog chose a picture of mine for their “View from Your Window” post. That’s pretty cool considering that they get tons of submissions every day from all over the world. The picture isn’t a new one, as I explained in the note that accompanied the submission. It was taken in 2006 while Gina and I were on vacation. Some of the MM founder group will probably recognize it. http://andrewsullivan.theatlan

  6. Elch

    Michael Jackson’s songs made it through the Iron Curtain, officially.

    East Germany’s (people owned) records factory Amiga published some of his songs in the 80s. Post-analyzing the world at that time this can be considered as a real achievement.

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