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Glen Beck and the Bin Laden Booster Club

Last night on his show, Glen Beck had as a guest a person who suggested that:

The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States.

Of course, Beck slapped him down:

Yep.  Which is why I was thinking this weekend that if I was him that would be the last thing I would do right now.

So, we finally have someone Going There.  It took almost eight years, but finally someone is saying out loud that the best thing would be for Al Qaeda to successfully attack us.  Thank god it wasn’t a Democrat saying that, or someone might call that person a traitor.  When it comes from someone who just loves their country, and fears for it, it’s OK to wish for a terrorist attack.

And not just a terrorist attack:

…deploys and detonates a major weapon to make the government protect them effectively consistently and with as much violence as necessary.

What kind of weapon would that be?  A truck full of explosives doesn’t count – heck, we use Daisy Cutters ourselves – those are just bombs.  A Major Weapon sounds like more than that.  Maybe Mr. Beck hopes that Bin Laden will do a little shopping over at Krazy Kim’s Radioactive Bizarre and save us from, um, terrorists.

“…as much violence as necessary…”

What we really need…

the best thing for the country

– in fact, our only hope –


  1. HappyinVT

    Mike Scheuer’s Google Alerts must be going crazy after his Glenn Beck appearance, because he left this message in the comment thread on my earlier post:

    Spencer, What I tried to say on FOX last night is what I said in my last two books. I believe that our governing elite has a single foreign policy vis. the Muslim World and that it has no contact points with reality. Americans are therefore very inadequately protected. I increasingly believe that our leaders’ perception of the threat and attempts to defeat it are verging on the feckless, and that most Americans – concerned with the economy, raising families, and quite insular in any event – do not recognize the poor job leaders in both parties are doing in defending their country, homes, and family. I am afraid that another, greater-than-9/11 attack will occur – because our leaders see the world that they want to be and not the one on offer – and that only then will Americans starkly see what I believe is unconscionable failure of the federal goverment to put their safety first. My bottom line is that there will be another attack because the Republicans and Democrats are abject incompetents and because our current economic state is too good a chance for bin Laden not to try to push forward al-Qaeda’s “bleed America to bankruptcy” strategey . Far from wishing for another attack, I trust that Churchill’s judgment that God looks out for drunks and the United States of America still holds good and and we remain safe. God better do the job, because no one in our elite is doing it.

    Respectfully, Mike Scheuer


    Given that Obama has taken great steps to begin to change the Bush policies in the Middle East, I’m not sure what this guy’s problem is.  I’m no expert and he supposedly is but it would be nice to get a solid policy discussion not a wish for a terrorist attack.

    At what point does Fox Not-a-news-organization go over the line?

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