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Terrorist Alert: They may be your neighbor

In an article in The Washington Post this morning covering the arrest of  domestic Christian terrorist suspect (my term) Scott Roeder I found this paragraph:

As news of Roeder’s arrest traveled, Kansas City activist Regina Dinwiddie remembered the day a dozen years ago when Roeder hugged her in glee after trying to frighten an abortion provider by staring him down inside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

“He grabbed me and said, ‘I’ve read the Defensive Action Statement and I love what you’re doing,’ ” Dinwiddie said in a telephone interview. She was a signer of the 1990s statement, which declares that the use of force is justified.

Curious, I followed the link in the article to this webpage hosted by The Army of God:


       We, the undersigned, declare the justice of taking all godly action necessary to defend innocent human life including the use of force.  We proclaim that whatever force is legitimate to defend the life of a born child is legitimate to defend  the life of an unborn child. We assert that if Michael Griffin did in fact kill David Gunn, his use of lethal force was justifiable provided it was carried out for the purpose of defending the lives of unborn children. Therefore, he ought to be acquitted of the charges against him.

(my bold)

So who are these out in the open terrorists?

They are a diverse group and live among us all.

I am calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate these people.

Here’s the List and what I could find out.

   Mike Bray – Pastor, Reformation Lutheran Church, Bowie, Maryland

Bray has written a book (yes these Neadertals abominations can read and write)  called “A Time to Kill”.  Here are the first few lines of his defense of Christian terrorist James Kopp.  

Yes, of course Atomic Dog shot Abortionist Barnett Slepian. The termination of the murderer was a deed quite consistent with Mr. Kopp’s life of service for the innocent, brutalized womb children of America.  It was a good deed that brought peace for many innocents through the deathof a wicked serial killer.

I couldn’t read anymore of it because I’m about to throw up.

     C. Roy McMillan – Executive Director, Christian Action Group, Jackson, Mississippi

From a Village Voice article, Cheerleaders For Violence

Married to obstetrician who once performed abortions. Longtime friend of Paul Hill. Advocated sniper shootings of abortion doctors in The New York Timesin 1994, nine days before first sniper attack in Canada. Told Timein 1995: “It wouldn’t bother me if every abortionist in the country today fell dead from a bullet.”

     Andrew Burnett – Director, Advocates for Life Ministries, Portland, Oregon

ANDREW BURNETT: Portland. Arrested more than 50 times in the 1980s and early 1990s for blocking the entrances to clinics in Portland and throughout the country. Publisher of Life Advocate magazine, which has editorialized in support of people who kill abortion providers. Head of Advocates for Life Ministries, a Portland-based group that has organized hundreds of anti-abortion activities in the past 15 years. Co-founder of American Coalition of Life Activists, the group that connects the defendants in the case.

     Cathy Ramey – Associate Editor, Life Advocate Magazine, Portland, Oregon

Repeatedly arrested in the 1980s and 1990s for blocking clinic entrances. Author of “In Defense of Others,” which defends people who refuse to condemn the killing of abortion providers.


     Matt Trewhella Pastor, Mercy Seat Christian Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

He is a proponent of the “Lesser Magistrate Doctrine (from his website)

Many Americans seem to know that America’s founders gave us three boxes through which we can resist tyranny, namely – the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. But a lesser-known tool which the founders themselves employed is the lesser-magistrate doctrine.

Simply put, the lesser-magistrate doctrine declares that – when a magistrate, who is lower in authority than another higher authority, opposes and/or resists the unjust orders or laws of the higher authority, he is justified in doing so and his actions are morally right, proper, and legitimate.

     Paul J. Hill – Director, Defensive Action, Pensacola, Florida


On July 29, 1994, Hill approached a Pensacola, Florida abortion clinic with which he was familiar. When he spotted physician John Britton and his clinic escort, James Barrett, outside, he shot them both at close range with a shotgun. In addition to the two murders, Hill seriously wounded Barrett’s wife, Joan. He was arrested moments later.

On December 6, 1994, Hill was sentenced to death by lethal injection under Florida law.[3]

In a statement before his execution, Hill said that he felt no remorse for his actions, and that he expected “a great reward in Heaven”. During his trial, the judge did not allow Hill to use an affirmative defense of justification. Hill said he viewed the acts as defensive rather than retributive. Hill left behind a manuscript manifesto[4] which his backers promised him they would publish. That manifesto and his address to the jury that convicted him echoed the words of John Brown,[5] who had attempted to incite a violent insurrection to end slavery in the United States. Hill was not apologetic for the killings, and in his last words he encouraged others who believe abortion is an illegitimate use of lethal force to “do what you have to do to stop it”.

Hill died by lethal injection in Florida State Prison on September 3, 2003.

     Paul deParrie – Author of Numerous Titles, Portland, Oregon


Paul deParrie (June 19, 1949 – May 20, 2006) was an American pro-life activist and author who lived in Portland, Oregon. He was the executive director of Believers Against Child Killing and editor-in-chief of Life Advocate magazine. He advocated for the use of justifiable homicide against abortion providers, and was a signatory of Paul Jennings Hill’s “Defensive Action” manifesto. He was known for his trademark, the black beret. He died from a heart attack after years of heart problems on Saturday, May 20, 2006 at the age of 56. DeParrie was a member of the Constitution Party, but stated that he would leave if the state party would not disaffiliate from the national party. However, deParrie died on May 20th, the day the steering committee for the Constitution Party of Oregon convened to consider disaffiliation, which it ultimately chose.

deParrie was also a member of Operation Rescue and was arrested several times while protesting.

     Regina Dinwiddie – Christian Pro-Life Activist & Producer of Rescue Radio, MO and KS

From a website supporting Domestic terrorists:

terrorist website

An anti-abortion activist, Regina Dinwiddie of Kansas City, was recently charged under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994. Following the sentencing of Pau
l Hill she declared to the judge, “This man is innocent and his blood will be on your hands, the hands of the people of the state of Florida and on the jury.” In another place her and her mother’s testimony was declared to be without creditability because they were considered to be zealots (Note: One of the apostles was called Simon the zealot). The testimony of two persons who profit from abortion were deemed to have testimony which was “completely credible.”

     Michael Dodds – Leader of Wichita Rescue Movement, Kansas

Arrested about 20 times for anti-abortion activities. Agreed to have his name on a petition that said the killer of a Florida abortion provider should be able to claim “justifiable homicide” as a defense.


     Henry Felisone – Director, Queens Pro-Life Group, Queens, New York

This just goes to show that these fanatics are even in New York.

From a Christian winger site:

One of the signatories of the Defensive Action statements (Ergo one of the many citizens stalked by the Janet [Waco] Reno) has been bad-mouthed by the New York Newsday tabloid out of Long Island. Felisone reports in a brief note dated the Ides of March that the report accused him of being the head of an army of shooters and bombers “terrorizing the country.” Henry tersely comments, “Highly complimentary but inaccurate.”

     Tony Piso – Pastor, Evangelical Mission Church, Forest Hill, New York

In 1994 Merle Hoffman, head of Choices, a reproductive health Clinic in NY, expressed alarm and concern about both Piso and Felisone after the murders of doctors providing reproductive health services.

But where were my troops? Although Choices has a group of loyal clinic escorts who are on duty every Saturday morning to counteract the antis’ harassment of patients, they are a meager substitute for 12-gauge shotguns. I had no armed throng of supporters defending my gates in the days after Dr. Britton’s death. What I did do is reinforce, with armed guards, internal-security procedures honed after years of dealing with bomb threats and potential invasions from Operation Rescue. Then I found out about Henry Felisone and Tony Piso.

These two New York City residents had signed Paul Hill’s infamous petition describing the “use of lethal force in the killing of Dr. David Gunn as justifiable, provided it was carried out for the purpose of defending the lives of unborn children.” And they lived within a 10-block radius of Choices.

The danger was clear and present. Federal protection had been ordered for other clinics under siege around the country, and my staff needed visible signs of support. I called the New York State Attorney General, demanding protection. Two days later, Washington acted and two federal marshals were posted in front of Choices on a 24-hour basis. “These people are terrorists and should be picked up for just making threats,” I told the New York Post on August 2. The FBI agents who were investigating the threats to Choices were new to the intricacies of the FACE bill and were unsure about jurisdictional issues.

I found myself in the strange position of having to coordinate representatives of the civil rights and criminal divisions of the FBI with my local police precinct to begin an investigation of Felisone and Piso on criminal conspiracy charges.

     Jacob Miller – Evangelist, Assembly of Yahweh & Pro-Life Activist, Tampa, Florida

found nothing on him – still looking but did find out about this cult:

 The Assemblies of Yahweh is a nonprofit religious organization with its International Headquarters located at Bethel Pa.

Doctrinally the Assemblies of Yahweh holds a conservative position in biblical interpretation. We affirm that the teaching of the Sacred Scriptures must be interpreted as literally as possible and its precepts faithfully obeyed by dedicated believers.

Standing between the great religions of the west, Christianity and Judaism, the Assemblies of Yahweh today holds a similar position to that of the Nazarenes, mentioned in Acts 24:5. As did the Nazarenes, the Assemblies of Yahweh today strives to fulfill the description of the True worshipers found in Revelation 12:17 and 14:12, by keeping the commandments of Yahweh and holding a living faith in the Messiah.

     Dan Bray – Director, Defenders of the Defenders of Life, Bowie, Maryland

can’t find anything but there seems to be a lot of braying from Bray’s –  would guess these folks are related:

“Any action that is necessary to defend innocent unborn life is justified…[violence against law enforcement officers guarding clinics is justified] because they are guilty of making sure children are murdered.”

-Donna Bray, Defenders of the Defenders of Life, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, January 1, 1995.

“It would be a good thing for an abortionist to repent. But in as much as he is unrepentant and continuing in his deeds, it is a good thing that one be terminated.”

-Reverend Michael Bray, Pastor, Reformation Lutheran Church, Project Rescue Maryland.

     David Crane–  Director, Rescue Virginia, Norfolk, VA

Wingnut Christian terrorist website has reported on his “heroic” activities :

The heavily politicized and publicized memorial service for Abortionist Gunn on Sunday drew about 100 supporters including family, abortuary employees, abortionists from the convention, and sundry abortophiles. Paul Hill was present with the two Virginians (Father David Trosch had been present for a press conference the previous day. Regina Dinwiddie of Kansas City had been arrested on an old warrant from a previous blockade). Rev. Hill called upon the attendants to “Remember the children Gunn killed.” He spoke the word of truth: of judgment, of forgiveness for sins. He warned of the “lake of fire” even as one abortionist – to the apparent discomfort of the others – began to mock the divine warning.

David Crane said of Rev. Hill’s preaching: “I was proud of him.” Mr. Crane appeared on the evening news with his sign, “Abortion = Clinic Violence,” but this words to the reporter were not aired for the public: “I have sympathy for the family’s loss of a loved one. But my empathy for the family is similar to that which I would have for the family of Ted Bundy. But even this must be put into perspective. Bundy killed his tens; Gunn killed his ten thousands.”

Okay, at this point in the diary I got tired.  And I was too upset to continue to wade through right wing puke.  

I figure if it is easy enough for me to “google” these terrorist cells, how difficult could it be for our Homeland Security and FBI to monitor these people?  Not very.  

These people worry me a lot more than the faceless threat to America that is chanted about by the Rudy’s and Dick’s.

They live right next door to some of us.  They are white, many are males, and they are “ordinary Americans”.  But they are on an extraordinary mission from their “God” to kill, maim and murder, support aide and abet and applaud terrorists.  

Contact your elected officials, your local police, our Federal Authorities and demand that they move swiftly to investigate, detain, these fanatics. I am sick and tired of hearing that the acts of domestic terrorism in our nation are “lone” acts.  Conspiracy to commit terror is a crime.  The TM is framing the assassination of Dr. Tiller as a lone act.  Bullshit.

Here’s the rest of the list (below).  I may be able to continue after several more cups of coffee.  As a person who worked in the WTC, you’d think I would be losing sleep over threats from overseas.  Well I’m not.

These are the “citizens” who kept me awake all night.  

     Donald Spitz– Evangelist & Assistant Director for Rescue Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia

     Michael Jarecki – Ret. Pastor, Saint Mary’s Church, Brushton, New York

     Bill Koehler – Director of Project Awareness, North Bergen, New Jersey

     Kenneth Arndt – Director, New Hampshire Rescue, Windham, New Hampshire

     Dave Leach – Editor, Prayer and Action Weekly News, Des Moines, Iowa

     Mike Walker – Leader in National Assoc. of Planned Parenthood Fighters, Alabama

     Thomas Carleton –  Catholic Priest, Presently Incarcerated in Billerica, Massachusetts

     Joseph F. O’Hara – Director, Wyoming Valley Rescue Group, Pennsylvania

     David Graham – Attorney at Law, Olathe, Kansas

     David Trosch – Catholic Priest, Publisher Justifiable Homicide Cartoon & President

                                Life Enterprises Unlimited, Mobile, Alabama

    Dawn Stover –  Assistant Director, Advocates for Life Ministries, Portland, Oregon

    Mike Meyer – Chairman, Tri-State Rescue Committee, Cincinnati, Ohio

          David Craig –  Former Presbyterian Pastor, Hope, Indiana

    John Brockhoeft –  Author of “The Brockhoeft Report,” incarcerated in Burlington, Kentucky

   Donna Bray – Co-Founder, Defenders of the Defenders of Life, Bowie, Maryland

   Media Consultant – Gary  McCullough; Publicist – Jerry McGlothlin

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  1. DeniseVelez

    with my using the term “assassination” for the murder of Dr. Tiller.  Others may not see this as “terrorism”.

    I do.  I am beginning to wonder, as pointed out by a Canadian poster to this piece on DKos this morning, if our country needs to take a second look at Hate Speech and adopt some laws similar to ones in England or Canada or Brazil.

    Interesting.  What do you think?

  2. As much as I dislike the overuse of the word “Terrorist”, it is an accurate descriptive of these folks.  There is nothing like seeing a pile of bricks spilling across your street where a building used to be to make you worry about your family’s safety.

    Cheney’s “there hasn’t been an act of terrorism on US soil since 9/11” is a little narrowly defined.  These folks are successfully terrorizing thousands of employees of medical clinics and millions of patients and families.  

    Round ’em up and send ’em to Gitmo.  Maybe a little waterboarding could save some American lives.

  3. canada’s ‘hate speech’ laws are pretty far-reaching on this topic and this wing-nut site highlights some of the canada’s more effective abortion/hate-speech cases.

    these organization have the intention to recriminalize and eliminate safe and legal access to abortion, declaring abortion to be “a war on the unborn” and women who have abortions to be “murderers.” are extreme and to me, a clear example of hate speech; the information they present as health information to women is biased to the point of being inaccurate and their approach to “helping women” is hateful, blameful, and condemning.  

  4. creamer

    protected. It may just take some political will to sanction the people or groups mentioned. Maybe just stripping non-profit status would thin their ranks.  

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