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CA-32: Why Judy Chu's Our Best Choice for Congress

(Proudly cross-posted at C4O Democrats)

I usually don’t like to wade into LA politics. I usually have enough on my hands with Orange County matters, so I just don’t have time for Los Angeles electoral fights. However, I have to say something about the special election coming up in California’s 32nd Congressional District.

I just have to say first that I used to like Gil Cedillo because he was a leader on immigrant rights in the California Legislature. I really thought he cared about people’s civil rights. However, his recent gutter-level attacks have forced me to question his sincerity. Would any “civil rights leader of our time” accuse a local community organizer of “gang-banging”? And would he use race-baiting tactics to attack another long-time community organizer and neighborhood leader?

I’ve had it with Gil Cedillo’s low blows. Seriously. Calitics has already given him an “anti-endorsement”, but I want to go one step further and do something positive. If my own fabulous member of Congress, Loretta Sanchez, can do it, then so can I.

Heck, if these people can do it, so can I!

Judy Chu has a long record of accomplishments that speaks for itself. Her tax amnesty program actually brought in $4.8 billion dollars in tax revenue that helped keep California moving. She’s always stood firm on economic justice, environmental justice, and social justice, and has the long and accomplished record to prove it. And yes, she’s always been stood strong with progressives on LGBT civil rights.

This was the ultimate kicker for me. It shows me that Judy Chu gets it. She understands our common struggle, our continuing struggle for equal rights, our ongoing struggle to make ends meet, our current struggle to make sure our families are provided for. Judy Chu gets it, and that’s why we need to send her to Congress.

If you’re in the San Gabriel Valley, please help her campaign in this final week before the May 19 special election. And if you know someone in the district, let them know more about why we need Judy Chu in Congress. Thanks.

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