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The Week in Tubes ~ Part One {from last week}

These are make-up tubes, because I had a rotten week and got behind.

“I’m a little stem cell” anyone?

Have I mentioned yet that I love Versusplus? My cat Wicked would quiver all over when I would sing I’m a little teapot to her. of course it could have been my singing…

Tuesday March 10, 2009 in 100 seconds by TPMtv

From the deepest valleys to the mountain top in just one short day. You think they have a bit of altitude sickness?

Monday March 9, 2009 in 100 seconds

He cares! He really, really cares. And that is a mos def on the ‘tude sickness.

Sit back and enjoy a few of our favorite guys in the gop, courtesy of Headzup.

I actually wish they would just get on with it. I am tired of Texas imports ;~)

I wish just once, the news would actually put this sort of questioning on the air. It seems better than any reporting I have seen lately.

Finally a republican health care alternative!

I really hate these bush people.

In case you missed this, it was very funny. From SNL on March 7.

They can’t touch him.