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  1. but is this fracking for reals?  i mean – forget about the people producing this for a moment – do people actually watch this and go ‘yeah they are hilarious!’

    my god.

  2. sricki

    when I’m at my parents’ house, or when they’re at my place (yes, I let them have the remote even at my own apartment).

    I may get in trouble for saying this, but Shepard Smith is one of my “favorite” people on Faux. By favorite I mean “least hated” — he can be funny as hell at times, and he went off on… damn, who was it? Someone who made an assassination crack about Obama or something. Can’t remember precisely, but I think I remembering giving mad props to Smith for shaming the guy. I got a kick out of the way he handled it. Thanks for posting this. Cracked me up.

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