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Millenium Moose: a Message to all Moose and Lurkers

Calling all Moose!

Welcome to the 1000th Motley Diary on The Moose. Please share your favorite memory, diary, comment or image in the comments. Also, if you have any suggestions of things you would like to see on the Moose, now’s the time to let us know. What’s on your Moosey minds?

A special invite to the lurkers amongst you to chime in and let us know what you think of the site. What do you think we can do to to lure the lurkers out of hiding?

It’s a milestone celebration….come join in on the fun!


How did we get here?

When we were very young

The Motley Moose was born from the ashes of the 2008 Democratic primary wars. The site was a joint effort by twenty-five active political bloggers (a healthy mix of long-time Obama supporters, ‘Clintonistas’, centrists and even a couple former Republicans).The idea was to build a Post-Primary Democratic site that could move forward instead of looking back. 

We tired of the incessant fighting and trollery on other political blogsPhotobucket

Photobucket The constant dramz was detracting from constructive discussion.


A tipping point was reached when the noise from trolls and others intent on stirring division made civil discussion near impossible. We set out to build a new place to gather,
one with clear lines of moderation and a healthy dose of snark.


Photobucket Here at the Moose, we value well reasoned discourse and have a fondness for snark and dry wit.

PhotobucketThe Moose promotes Progressive Democratic values and believes that fighting for their institution will pave the way to a stronger more united nation.

Photobucket We chose Purple as our primary site color because, like Obama, we feel that moving beyond the division of ‘Red’ states and ‘Blue’ states is vital to the well being our country.

We have grown far beyond those original 25 bloggers, and they have blended into the Herd as the Moose Community has expanded. Motley Moose has found a niche in the political blog world and is earning a reputation for both well researched diaries and hard hitting snark. The focus on Community has allowed an informative yet fun loving atmosphere to develop and we hope to continue to foster this as we move forward.

Diaries on the way to 1000

The Moose who write diaries for Motley Moose are a varied bunch. As such, the diaries they gift us with run the gamut. While our primary focus is on political and social issues,  we also have a healthy dose of Snark filled writing from The Lounge.

Here are a very few of the topics covered by the Herd:


Mooses have always stood in staunch support of Barack Obama, both as the Democratic nominee and as our President. We stood behind him in the midst of his hard-fought battle against Republican nominee John McCain, who ran one of the sleaziest smear campaigns in the history of American politics. We weathered the storm along with our nominee and are proud to call him our President. Many of us eagerly waited a long time for a Democratic victory and are confident that Obama is well suited to run this great nation and well positioned to restore our standing within the international community.

President Barack Obama by ChrisBlask

Putting Away Childish Things by Douglas Watts


We here at Motley Moose support our men and women in uniform. Mooses have written a wide variety of diaries in support of our troops and have sought to highlight and address pressing issues in the military. We look forward to the day when President Obama can safely bring our troops home from overseas.

A Fallen American Soldier by Michelle Marshall

Their Silent Suffering by Sricki


We have a wide array of opinions and perspectives on LGBT issues here on The Moose. We have been privileged to feature diaries from both domestic and international perspectives. Our points of view on individual topics may differ, but as a whole we believe that bigotry and hatred should be exposed, fought, and stamped out. As a community we are dedicated to an attitude of enlightenment on LGBT issues.

How did this Happen? British LGBT Community on the Rise by Brit

Gay Marriage — be careful what you fight for by GrassRootsOrganizer


You’ll be hard-pressed to locate a more diverse group of feminists than we have here at The Moose. From our female and male bloggers alike, the feminist perspective is well represented. We believe in equal rights and equal treatment. Some of our most prolific diarists lend their focus primarily to women’s issues, and the topics addressed range from discussions of gender roles in society to sexism in the media.

All The Things That Women Are Interested In by Canadian Gal

Just Because She Sings and Dances in Her Underwear… by Guest Blogger SChurchwell

Photobucket -artist: fogiv

One of the features unique to Motley Moose is our Lounge. One of the earliest goals of the Moose was to embrace humor and provide a place for Snark to reign. Diaries labeled The Lounge are ‘serious-free’ zones. Lighthearted and cheeky, or biting and snarky, The Lounge diaries are sure to bring a smile,  chuckle or the occasional raised eyebrow.

Al Qaeda Leadership Gather For Secret Meeting. “EFCA is The Great Satan!” by The National Gadfly

Natural Born Citizens : The Lunatic Fringe attacks! by Spacemanspiff

Cussin’ is Patriotic! by Stipes!

While those are but a handful of the 1000 diaries posted thus far, Motley Moose wants to thank every diarist who has written for the Moose. The diaries (and the comments found within) provide an endless source of knowledge and humor that is appreciated by all who visit. We would not be the strong Community that we are without each of you.


PhotobucketHi lurkers, we know you’re out there.


We have an amazing community of regular diarists and commenters, but we know that there are so many of you out there yearning to join the Moose Herd. Sign up! Motley Mooses don’t bite, in fact, new Moose are always greeted enthusiastically. 😉

Come to the Moooooose….Come to the Mooooooose….

It’s easy!Photobucket


Photobucket Come out Lurkers…even if it is to taunt and naysay from the sidelines like Statler and Waldorf. We love that!

Where do we go from here?


Motley Moose has become ‘home base’ for many long time political bloggers. It has also proven to be a welcoming place for those new to the blogs. We have built a quality member base, a strong Community foundation on which the success of the blog rests. The Moose Herd will grow, but the focus on working together towards common goals will always be at the heart of Motley Moose. It is this sense of Community that will let the Moose continue to to thrive going forward.

We Moose are a fun loving bunch.


Motley Moose has a very loyal following.


We will soon be starting MA meetings.


After all….
Photobucket We believe that one blog, one blogger, can make a difference. The ripple from one tossed pebble can a tsunami make.

Through tears and laughter we have made it to the 1000th diary mark. Hopefully Motley Moose will see 1000’s more in the future. Perhaps one of yours?

Thank you one and all for making the first 6 months a smashing success!

-Motley Moose


~~Motley Moose…Progress Through Politics~~

Come join the Herd!

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  1. Motley Moose

    Please share your favorite Moose memory…be it a diary, a comment, an image, or some other Moosey musing.



  2. sricki

    Very cool. I could not have predicted where we’d be 5-6 months ago, but I’m very happy with the way things are going. Hope you lurkers come out of the woodwork soon!

    Fab post, oh mysterious Motley Moose.

  3. If you include comments, that’s at least a million words in sixth months.

    That is scary. I’ve probably read most of those words

    Of those million word

    Probably 750,000 informative

    200,000 funny

    49,990 inspiring

    and about 10 idiotic

    Not a bad ration my Moose friends

  4. Steve M

    I was hoping to grab the 1000th diary spot with my magnum opus, “George Bush, A Misunderstood Genius.”  Maybe I’ll save that for the 10000th diary.

  5. fogiv

    I’m very disappointed that the poll failed to include Chuck Norris and Mr. T.

    Mr. T once pitied the sun; an ice age ensued.

    There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist.

  6. spacemanspiff

    Can’t believe its 1,000 already!

    First off. I’d like to thank my man J.C. for making it all happen!

    Jesus Pictures, Images and Photos

    A big shout out to all my boys down at the Y!

    village people Pictures, Images and Photos

    I’d like to thank my first grade teacher Miss Wormwood, who always encouraged me to reach for the stars.

    Miss Wormwood Pictures, Images and Photos

    Miss Wormwood!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

    Who am I missing here?

    Oh yeah!

    My Moose family!

    To all my Moose peeps!


  7. Kysen

    1000 diaries?

    They grow up so quickly. *sniffle

    I think I might cry. Photobucket

    My favorite thing about Motley Moose, hooves down, is the people. Y’all really are a spectacular bunch…and I regularly count each of you amongst my blessings.

    Next up would be how much I have learned here. It is amazing the amoung of knowledge contained in the 1000 diaries posted here. The quality of those who write for the Moose is stellar. Diarists like DeniseVelez, who has, time and time again, exposed me to a slice of life previously unknown to me. Brit and CG with foreign views on social issues and American politics have given me a glimpse of things thru another nations’s eyes. The Motley Laydeez are always schoolin’ me on Feminism…I especially enjoy the discussions on Feminist issues amongst the different generations of women. The topics covered and those who cover them are madly impressive. I have learned more here on teh Moose than I ever did in school. 😉


    And last…but most def not least…the laughter. Oh how I have laughed. Be it a Lounge diary or a snark filled comment thread, the Moose certainly know how to bring on the funny. There are so many examples to choose from, but…though it is FAR from PC…this one brief exchange is what came immediately to mind. I laughed until I cried…and then laughed some more. Such is often the case for me when interacting with my fellow Moose. More recently, the comment threads from Stipes! and sricki’s recent Lounge diaries had me wiping tears from my face.

    Long and short of it…I lurves the Motley peeps that make up our Moose family. Congrats to all on a job well done…keep up the great work!!


  8. Thanks for welcoming me. I am of the firm opinion that snark can help us to solve problems…nobody likes a Serious Susan 24/7. The Moose is appealing to me because there is such a good balance of that. You’re my kind of animals.

    BTW, what do we do now? I mean, now that our boy Barack is in office? I fear that many of us will break off into our respective comfortable niches and dillute our impact on society/our parent’s basements (h/t to Sarah Palin).

    What I do think is important is that we hold everyone in government (and each other) accountable and just enjoy the diversity of opinions and the amount of work we have to do in so many areas.

    Go Moose, Go Moose, Go Moose!

    And I seriously love to travel and talk, so if you’d like coffee, tea, basketball, a jog (pronounced “yog”), or any other form of motivation/beverage, please get at me!

    Please join the journeying progressive at For Which It Stands for legendary musings and an insatiable quest for knowledge.

  9. Stipes

    I didn’t realize that you guys had been so prolific.  That’s amazing.

    My favorite diary is actually a recent one:  Sricki’s first flashback diary was a great trip down memory lane.

    God, that was fun reliving the primary!



  10. So, I’ll throw in a shout-out from her with me as her proxy until she returns.  She brought me here, so I feel obliged to get her back on this.  

    As for myself, I am happy to be here for all the reasons articulated above.  

    I’m crafting a couple of blog entries right now, so I’ll get back to them.  However, I want you Mooselings to know that I am very happy here.

    Strong as a Bull Moose!


  11. Michelle

    We are certainly growing and putting down roots…


    I am most proud and grateful of this community’s embrace of military issues, which anyone who knows me from here knows that I have a soft spot for the military that goes well beyond swooning over a man in uniform.  Military issues may not be sexy enough for the MSM or most other blogs, but our community here certainly cares and understands the sacrifices made by our military.  Thanks, Motley Moose, for including my diary on A Fallen American Soldier.

    And thanks to my Moose family for turning this full time lurker into a full on blogger.  My first diary ever was posted here, thanks to Blasky’s invitation.  

    I have been mad impressed with all of our new Moose lately, and I certainly hope that more lurkers will come out to join our outstanding conversation.

    • Motley Moose

      I don’t think that anyone 6 months ago could have predicted where we are today. It really is rather amazing. The success of Motley Moose is due solely to the quality of our community and the individuals that form it. Thank you, sricki, for all that you contribute.  

  12. smileycreek

    Nice to see y’all again….especially after only getting FOX NOISE as a news channel in Mexico for two weeks.  It burned.  My dear sweet mrcreek kept urging me to regard it as comedy but I need my news predigested by comedians, not served in raw right-wing craziness!!

    Really.  Those people are beyond delusional. May I never look upon Glen Beck’s crazy eyes again.  Ever.

  13. hootie4170

    Great news!!!

    I’m so thankful to have met every last one of you horny, thoughtful, medicated, insightful, belligerent, open-minded people.   I didn’t know there were so many people like me 🙂

    On to the next 1,000!!

    I love you gals & guys!!!

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