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41's "Ugly" Feminist "Joke" with 42's Follow Up

Bush 41 and Clinton teamed up to address the National Auto Dealer’s Association conference, and H.W. brought down the house with a “joke” about one of the “ugliest” women he has ever seen.

Thank GOD that Wolf Blitzer can tell me that it was a “lighter” moment.

WOW.  Now, I am not usually one to get all riled up about dumb shit like this, but I am hella pissed off about 41’s “joke” AND Bill Clinton’s response.

First, 41 thinks it’s HILARIOUS to bash the ugly angry feminist by saying that he would not fuck her, i.e. “no problem” with him staying out of her womb.  Yes, 41, you’re right.  We ugly angry feminists just want to fuck all you Republican asshats who want to strip us of our reproductive rights.  And even better, we want to spawn with you so that you can spread your misogyny through your offspring.  So be sure to continue your fight to limit access to contraceptives and abortions.

And 41, do TELL, why was it necessary to call her “one of the ugliest” women you had ever seen?  Are women to be SEEN and NOT heard in your world?  God forbid our appearances not cause a stirring in your loins.

Anyone else feeling really grateful right about now that 41’s offspring 43 is GONE?

As far as Bill Clinton’s follow up, it was disgraceful.  Sure, he wants to “pal around” with the good ol’ boys club, but his wife Hillary just shattered the glass ceiling for women in politics.  Here he is wishing he COULD tell a joke like that, but damn it all to hell, “they” would tear him to pieces.  He just ain’t “got it”, whatever the hell that means.  Nevermind that the joke was horribly sexist and demeaning to women.  He could have walked away from it, not made a comment at all, so why didn’t he?  Some overwhelming desire to be one of the boys?

So from this “ugly angry feminist” to 41, Bill, and Wolf.  FUCK YOU.  To 41, just to be clear for your dim-witted brain, that’s NOT an invitation.

Via Jezebel and Wonkette.


  1. Kysen

    While I most certainly hold a level of abhorrence for ’41’ that I do not hold for Bill, I am of the opinion that, when ya get right down to it…they are both cads.

    (Bill,though, was a great Prez, his cad’ishness notwithstanding).

  2. on its surface saying a woman is ugly as a punchline of a joke is not IMHO sexist.  however – that wasn’t the context or the punchline right?

    part of the layer of the ‘joke’ was that the woman was ugly and angry (see feminist and gay) and of course wanted (gasp!) the freedom to do with her body as she chooses.  it also was important and comical apparently to highlight that old bushie wouldn’t have fucked her.  HAHA what a riot!  ive got news for you georgie – the good looking women also doesn’t want your grimy hands on her uteruses either.

    what motivated me to start blogging to begin with and to this day blows my mind is just how far we have not come with regards to women’s rights in our society.  the media coverage of clinton during the primary was a disgrace, this joke is a disgrace and its general blanket acceptance of sexism in our society is the biggest disgrace of all.  but i guess the joke is on us broads.

  3. I even go as far as believing a group of men or a group of women can get away with jokes like this amongst themselves without being “sexist” by definition, but that gimme goes away in mixed company.  I’ve often been honored with the “honorary female” status and have heard my share of such jokes among women, and for the record they aren’t funny with a guy present (yes, we grin, but not sincerely).

    “Dead Baby” jokes are only funny when everyone is really sure you aren’t serious…

  4. Jjc2008

    very obnoxious…though after the primary, I suppose I have come to understand that a huge number of so called progressives don’t find this kind of sexism”a big deal.”

    To be honest with you there are things that made me angrier today:

    President Obama, on CNN, to the nation, using the republican put down, “democrat” as an adjective (hoping it was just an unintentional mistake on his part…I know how easy it is for things like that to get in your head.)

    Chris Matthews for the third day in a row, going on a tirade of “birth control” as a part of the stimulus….how dare those dems try to act like China”…..when the reality is that Matthews believes the Catholic Church and men should be in control of “birth control.”  And giving tons and tons of airtime to his right wing buddies to trash anything Obama and the Dems are doing.

    My reaction to “Bill’s reaction.”  Typical.  Most men, in fact, most people don’t do well in a large group, when all seem in sync with their reaction, at pointing out to ALL that they are wrong.  It reminded me of the first time I got up the nerve to tell friends that I did not find their “Italian” jokes funny.  It was hard because when my family and I told jokes amongst ourselves, self depricating of things our elders said or done using their broken English,  we all laughed.  But someone OUTSIDE the family, not so funny.  Yet my friends loved telling ME their Italian jokes.  I do not believe they were being mean or attempting to put me down. They simply did not get it.  When I told them, some handled it well, some were angry at me and insulted.  

    I see that in the “boys club” mentality.  That one guy who calls a halt to it or points out its inappropriate nature, risks much.  Not an excuse.  Just how I see it.  It’s a risky thing to remind people to their faces that they are being “sexist, racist, bigoted”…….especially in front of others

    Just my take.

  5. Quite what a self-serving, self aggrandising, pontificating self important jerk George Bush snr is!

    Now wonder his son turned out to be ‘worse president evah’. The fruit doesn’t fall from the tree.

    On Bill’s response, surely the problem was that he missed a good put down and righteous comeback, and was more concerned with what ‘other people can get away with’. It seemed to fit into his quasi ‘victim of right wing conspiracy’ mode. Not his greatest moment I think.  

  6. but my sensible side seems to be taking a break right now.

    What gets me is that all of this outrage is over a joke. I felt the same way about the big fuss over Bernie Mack’s jokes.

    We have one diary on here about child soldiers in Africa, another about the possibility that global warming is beyond our control, one about men in Afghanistan throwing acid on girls just because the girls had the nerve to go to school, and another diary from a man risking his life in that same country to give those girls a better future and all we get worked up about a lousy joke by an old man.

    The world is coming apart around us. The country is involved in two wars, the economy is in meltdown, jobs are vanishing daily, we’ve just gotten rid of Shrub and Darth Vader and haven’t even begun to repair the damage they did, the world is in danger from climate change, the country is 11 trillion dollars in debt, there are more than 50,000,000 men, women, and children without healthcare, and the list goes on and on.

    You know I love you Michelle, you are one of my favorite meeses, but this time I think your indignation is overdone.

  7. anonymoose

    He has been sharing his bed with the Quaker Oatmeal Man for decades now. Hillary will probably send Bill to the doghouse. With his record he probably considers it his second home.


  8. Hollede

    However, I am taking President Clinton a different way.

    This was my first impression of the exchange and was surprised to read all of unhappy responses about Bill. I thought I must be missing something so I watched it a couple more times and each time came away with the feeling that Bill Clinton gave GH a smart little smackdown.

    I think that Bill is chiding Bush in the only way he can. His joke about the dogs is telling. Is Bill suggesting that Sr should be wormed for such an awful joke. I think he is. I wish I could have seen the entire exchange without any edits, (as CNN is wont to do) but even they titled the bit “Bush floors Clinton with joke”.

    Do I wish that Bill had brutally smacked GH down and bluntly told him what a complete dumbass he was being? Sure, but does Bill want that much media attention right now? No.

    In truth, I think he did give him a smackdown in the most gracious way he could. I hope that they really are good enough friends that Bill can enlighten Sr on his stupidity in a more private setting.  

  9. louisprandtl

    a personal note here. I never attended any one of my commencement ceremonies (by choice). At the last one, George Herbert Walker Bush was the main commencement speaker. I still remember driving pass the University auditorium with my friends on the way to a tavern to celebrate our graduation, instead of attending the commencement. Instead of cheering crowds, 41 was greeted by largescale student protests with placards, jeers and boos et al. I knew I was right but now I’m more glad that I didn’t take my highest degree from this asshole.


  10. spacemanspiff

    On Clinton.


    What else could he say?

    This was like Mike Myers standing next to Kanye West when he went on his Katrina rant.

    “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

    Bill had to say something. I don’t think smacking down a former POTUS in

    front of a national audience is a smart choice and would be a lot more controversial.

    He did get his dig in to the media about the obvious double standard.

    I side with the Big Dog on this one.

    Any suggestions on what his response should of been? Its not like he had time to plan it.

  11. Jjc2008

    (And I probably should duck).

    Why the h*ll is there not an angry, REALLY ANGRY diary about Dick Armey, about our president pandering to a**holes who do NOT give a damn about partisanship.  

    One of the reasons I chose Hillary over John and Barrack (even though I contributed money to all three) is that I believed Hillary KNEW, KNOWS that many of these a**holes cannot and will not have any sincerity when it comes to partisanship because THEY DO NOT CARE.

    Dick Armey was part and parcel to the republican machine that has been tearing down this country for years.  And while he is gone from Congress now, his mentality, his cohorts are still running the republican party.  While Bill may (or may not, depending on your point of view) have reacted appropriately to Bush I’s sexists remark, the anger toward Bill in this amazed me.  

    And yet barely a peep on the progressive blogs toward Armey’s actions, Chris Matthew’s “,….he was wrong but he’s a nice guy”.  

    What is the heck is wrong with this picture.

    The republicans are NOT going to compromise because President Obama is reaching out.

    The republicans are still the same neocons that grew out of the obnoxious Reagan years.

    Progressives are still buying the narratives of those people who spent years “spinning” that Ronald Reagan was an American hero, and Bill Clinton is an evil man.

    I recommend everyone read Glen Greenwald’s column today.

    When are we going to stop beating up on our own and go after the right???

  12. Jjc2008

    after I posted my comment.

    But admittedly, I am not sure I have the thick skin required to write a diary. I have seen what has happened to some of the better writers, like cg, when taking a pov not quite as popular on some of the progressive blogs.

  13. Jjc2008

    I have a few errands but after that maybe I will put my writing skills to work and toss aside all caution.  I know myself…I can get easily caught up in emotion.  Sometimes my passion can blind me, but more often it is my frustration that gets in my way.  I feel like I have been saying some of the same things for decades…….and more often than not been ridiculed and talked down to, like Joan, or ignored.  Seeing that exchange yesterday really pushed some buttons.

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